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Hello, my name is Liliana, I am a Puerto Rico native living in Europe and I am currently studying and learning about The Goddess. Reading about how ancient cultures had a Great Mother made me wonder about my own... I felt curious about my ancestors and decided to look into Taino gods and my heart soared when I read about Atabey.

Is there a group here or elsewhere with dicussion about Atabey / The Great Goddess / Earth Mother? Is there information about modern Taino Religious practices that celebrate Her?

Also, growing up in PR, I was strongly taught that Tainos were extinct. Seeing this group, and resarching anything about modern Taino resurgence is like a dream come true. A fantasy of a world my heart always longed for. Are there books that are recommended for the study of this movement?

One last question. Are there Taino last names? My husband is now extremely curious about the last name Tua from his mother's side who is very strongly "del campo" and still practices very traditional cooking methods and has knowledge of medicinal herbs.

Thabks for any info at all. Greatly appreciated!

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Takahi (greetings) sister
It is a pleasure to welcome you here to our community at INDIGENOUS CARIBBEAN NETWORK. We have a group here called the Caney Indigenous Spiritual Circle which is a community guided by the ancient traditions of our Taino ancestors. Please check out our group here called "Caney Circle Spiritual Tradition". Joining this group does not make you a member of the Caney Indigenous Spiritual Circle but it does allow you to get a taste of our spiritual ways, our teachings and our beliefs. You will quickly understand just how important our sacred mother spirit AtaBey is in our belief system and what an important role the female element of the cosmos plays in our spiritual life. This is the web address of that online group ...You are welcome to explore past blogs and posts there and inform yourself about us. It will also allow you to connect with others who are interested in Caney Circle tradition. Two other useful online sites that I invite you to visit are the official website of the CANEY INDIGENOUS SPIRITUAL CIRCLE which has a world of information about Taino culture, and the facebook group page TAINO FAMILY where you can interact with Tainos all over the world. Here is the website to the Caney Circle: and here is the web address for the Taino Family facebook group:

Hi liliana my name david aponte resto living on the island from the 1980s working on ancestral art you can google my name for more of my work what can l say as a boricua gerero it up to all of us to do our own quest you can have a DNA test to confirm the face that we as native American were here long be for span lost at sea gave them food and we are still paying for that look up the lost tribe site and me on face book hope it helps



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