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Is anyone aware of a ritual ceremony in Taino culture involving  the Pleiades dance, which involves a mock fight between men and women, followed by a race? The dance took place at the start of the Taino year (between May and June)

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Hahom.  :)

For Miguel and anyone else following this thread. Here is the information from Charlevoix, 1761. All my citations about a Pleiades dance traces back to this book.

...but the return of the Pleiades, which they call the kids, upon the horizon, is a general holiday observed ny the whole nation. They prepare for it, by shaking their matts, and beating their partitions. The men, then, form themselves into one battalion; and the women into another; and fall upon each other pretty seriously. It is a a diversion, if you please, but is a diversion fit only for barbarians. The boys and girls, likewise, exchange some cuffs, but merely for form-sake. These engagements are followed by races; and then, both parties mutually wish each other an accomplishment of all their wishes, and, above all things, success against their enemies. The feast always terminates in drunkeness.



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