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I have a question that maybe can be answerd here.did our ancestors do a sweat and if so how did they do daughter and I built a small sweat hut,I had never done a sweat before but did understand that the branches came from our mother earth and the stones came from our mother,I sit on our mother and I pray.Is this wrong should there be another way I do this,does not YucaHu here me regardless of how I do it.I did my first sweat in the hut my daughter and I made and it was a very good experence,my wife passed in the stones and I prayed as water was poured on the stones,was this wrong it did not feel wrong.please share your feelings on this.

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Go for it Brother, if it felt right....
Sweat, Is that like a steam room?

I think that because our tribal identy was lost and or broke by you know who. That yes some wrtings will help and may be discovered that later on that will bring us back to the old ways. But I am starting to belive more and more that the old ways will come back threw our ancestors spirits speaking to us. Some may even be chosen and will pass on this knowledge to the rest of us. So if this is how you connect to our ancestors then let it be.
I have been to different types of sweats -- and there usually is one person who says "well, we don't do it like this, we do this". But it's all good as long as you go into the sweat in a good frame of mind and with a good heart.
I forgot to mention that among Tainos that I know who conduct sweats they refer to it as a "kansi", which means "to set apart" or a place apart. I thought I would share with you my vision of the hot stones.

Thanks for the comment!


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