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I am moving into a new apartment and am going for a Caribbean theme. I have all sorts of things from the Dominican Republic like paintings, pilons,ect but I was wondering what type of art, if any the 15th century Taino made/ still making. For decorative purpose? If so, does anyone know of anywhere in New York City I could find some, even if they are not original? I saw TainoRay had jewlery and hats but I am interested in things for the home. Thanks.

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I have a friend who is an incredible painter of all things Taino, look at my slideshow on my page, I believe his painting is towards the front of the slideshow, it's very colorful and abstract. His name is Jose Guerrido. He lives in Middletown, NY, about 45 mins. from where I live. I have two of his paintings which he so generously gave to me, and I LOVE them both. He even did a few paintings of me which I haven't been lucky enough to see yet, and I've been trying for like the past year to get in contact with him. Try Googling him to see if anything comes up.



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