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Takaji everyone!!

Does anyone have information on Tainos/ the hupias who embodied both male and female energy? What were they called? What were their roles? The modern name (kind of umbrella term for Native Americans/for us) is Two-spirit. Any information will be greatly appreciated. 


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The Females are more biologically complex and superior to Males in perpetuating the Species in an Humane ideal environment. In fact, the symbology used clearly shows that superiority.

Female=XX......8 short lines forming the symbol.==100% of material.

Male===XY......7 short lines forming the symbol.==087.5% of material.

If you review history all Matriarchal Societies have fare better than the Patriarchal ones during the last 5000 years. The last 500 years have been Patriarchially dominated; thankfully, in the oncoming years/decades/centuries, Matriarchal Societies will be taking over.

This is a matter of Cosmic Cycles, but the peculiar aspect is that the changes are to be initiated (or already began in 1987-Harmonic Convergence promoted by Arguelles) by the Indigenous Movements reclaiming of their Sovereign Mind/Thinking/Ancestry Honoring and Respect for our Traditions and Belief Systems.

Seneko kakona

Thank you for simplifying as much as is possible what is a very complex phenomenon my relative and advancing the knowledge that exists here in this community. Jajom (Thanks) 

As humble servant and follower of The Law of One. I am please to be of service.

Seneko kakona



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