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This is the most difficult subject to cover,in that I've search and search for reference material to provide validation. But alas only my own and my nephew's direct experience, I can offer to help to you understand what I mean.

Upon the passing of my father maybe about 2 weeks after ,my connection to the elements where stronger ,intuition sharper, I could meditate in a state of no mind longer an ever (and thats really hard).

The increase of spiritual energy lasted about a little more than a year. As for my nephew shortly after his father passed he to felt a heightening of his spiritual skills according to nephew he had an increase of psychic abilities .And so I ask has anyone else observed this surge?

The only point of reference I can point out is in old horror movies where some sorcerer or witch is trying to extract the life-force of someone for power or revive there youth.

Has anybody experience this ? Or what your take on this .

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Thanks Amanda

A difficult subject Indeed,I also have heard of shamans Knowing when there will crossover and preparing for it.

And having their power object or objects infused power,also the place where they did most of there spiritual work

can also be infused.

I'd like to say Welcome Sister

Kunuk Ceiba


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