The true message of the Maya Calendar 2012 Prophecy as shared by the authentic Maya

Takaji Relatives
Please find attached to this message a text file containing the message of the Five Suns. This message is a compilation of the wisdom of the traditional Maya elders, the research of some of the most knowledgable scholars and the work that K'iche Maya teacher Antonio and I have done together.
Taino Ti

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Tau Natiao,
I shall read your historical information and ponder it. Some years ago. i studied the Maya, Aztec, and Inca spirituality. However, with an academic viewpoint and a personal ratonale. I shall pray nd study your information and perhaps, we can have a discussion about our apirituality and the development of world sirituality. I am excited, my heart and mind have traveled there.Bo'matum for your wisdom.
Oma'bahari, Bo Miguel.
Xochitl AnaO Quinones delValle
Valiosa informacion . Gracias por compartir
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