The wisdom of the South ( Earth )

Almost every culture uses the four Directions or Cardinal points directly or indirectly - The Taino Direction of The South Achiano, and Guanajo the Turkey, our almost National bird. The attribute is Innocence; going beyond prejudice and preconceptions. It is the time of childhood in the life cycle, which is ideally one of exploration, learning and play. The South is associated with the spirit of the Earth and abundance. It is also symbolic of feminine energies at work in our lives.

What I've learned about the energies of the South and the Guanajo:

For me its about practicing Neutrality. When you practice Neutrality you are open minded and you are in a space of non-judgment. You can see whats really going on or whats needed. If someone is sad you console them, if someone is hungry you feed them. With Neutrality things get done with ease. If we are Neutral we can't be disappointed because we have no expectation. To cultivate the balance between giving and receiving and find to contentment in what they have.

The Turkey, this is a cunning bird, you often hear turkeys but rarely see them. The Turkey has long been associated with the connection to the Earth and its blessings. This spirit animal reminds us of the importance of our relationship with the land and nature as a reciprocal source of nourishment and sustenance. In order to receive the land’s blessings, we also need to honor the land. The Turkey has traditionally been associated with the spirit of giving and abundance. If we are close minded and close fisted our hands are not open to receive the gifts of spirit. As a Beike we sit in the North

and receive through open hands the gifts of spirit including the energy of the south which we are facing the gifts of innocence, abundance, nurturing energy from the Earthmother Atabey.


Tradition = The Caney Tradition has been around for over 30 years and is an oral and research based Tradition. There is alot of good instruction on the Caney web please read and learn. Talk to your Elders, if you think of your Elder as an oral tradition keepers you extract the symbolic wisdom of what ever they say. There is a story about a UPS guy who would deliver to a Buddhist Temple, the first time they greeted him with honor

and took his picture. The next time he when to the temple his picture was on the wall as a master, they reverently bowed as they took the packages. The next time they ask him to speak at the temple and gently pushed him onto the alter seat. He spoke for two hours and was astounded at the wisdom he had spoken. The head Monk said it was your inspiration, Due come again, and as he was leaving he saw them take a picture of the mailman. If you inspire your Elders they will speak wisdom.

Inspiration = Read the Caney teachings and there are layers if you look.

Privately take one Caney ceremony do a small version of it. Go over it four or five times or more, explain to your self why you are doing what your doing it spirit will tell you more. Go through all the motions

Education = Exercise for the connecting with the earth Earth. Prepared to go out bring some tobacco cornmeal and water and notebook. Find a place where some wild animals still live, when you get there, say a pray of good intention. Then let your intuition lead you in some direction, not to water thats an another exercise for another day. When you pray and make your offering say something like Atabey,Yucahu I come in a good way to connect and understand the gifts of The Earthmother please share with me, what I need to understand and work on in this cycle. Patience and listen a sound a feeling a fart something will come to you, then write it so it stays with you. Dissect it at home, meditate on it. What it means for you, Does it mean something for your Community.

You can also take a group, they all can do this and in a talking circle you will get the collective teaching on Earth Medicine.

Next time I write about the West and Fire.

In the spirit of oral tradition here my personal phone number 239 887 7260

if I don't pick up, I will call you back( please say your a Beike ) also my email I am here to serve Caney Beike Community

Seneko Kakona

Beike Kunuku Ceiba 

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Bo Matum for sharing. Looking forward to reading about the remaining directions.


If someone is sad you console them, if someone is hungry you feed them.

I knew I heard this before (Solstice in Brooklyn). Now the pieces start to come together.


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