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What shamans provide to their communities

Soul Extraction – Energetic Protection

Soul extraction involves the Shaman extracting psychic darts or chords that have intruded upon the soul or etheric body of the patient. This is sometimes an attack from someone who has attempted to harm, maim, or kill the patient. The traditional dart attack will often manifest as pains where no wounds exist. This involves a literal "sucking out" of the intrusion. This sucking out of the intrusions is done both psychically and mentally. There are other methods of soul extraction as well.  A modern approach to such issues may involve protection and cleansing rituals performed by the Shaman for the individual in need. 

Soul Retrieval – Energetic Reclamation and Grounding

Soul-retrieval is the process by which the Shaman retrieves pieces of the person lost soul. This is often accomplished by journeying to the spirit world and requesting assistance from the spirits, ancestors, and guides that dwell in other realities or worlds. These beings assist the Shaman in discovering what is wrong with the person and often help the Shaman fight a battle with the being now possessing those parts to win them back and bring them to the patient. Some of the classic symptoms of a person in need of soul retrieval would perhaps include those suffering from a mental illness, those abused as children, or those who sense that something is missing in their lives. This can be a dangerous act and often the Shaman if he or she is not trained well enough can fall into physical or mental traps laid by the possessing entities that may cause illness or psychosis for the Shaman.  Often times a clients energy is unfocused and not grounded or centered, this condition is most common among individuals affected by this condition.

Soul Restoration – Re-centering Energy after a Trauma

Soul restoration is the literally restoring of one’s soul. This occurs when a person has a traumatic event and his/her soul get trapped. This "trap" could be the result of a psychic attack or an accident from which the body has recovered physically, but not spiritually. Again the Shaman will journey to the place where the patient has lost his or her soul and barter for that soul to bring it back and restore it to the patient to wholeness. It takes much strength and power by the Shaman to deal with these otherworld entities and the Shaman must know how and where to wield that power for the good of all. Shamans are not in the business of destruction but rather healing.

Hands on Healing – Energy Work 

Hands-on healing or body work is most certainly a part of what a Shaman does. This technique is still widely used today by Reiki masters, massage therapists, chiropractors and Shamans. Shamanistic hands-on healing involves the energy or spirit of the Shaman working with the energy or spirit of the patient. Reiki is one method Qigong is another

Divination - Intuition & Guidance (Aligning ones self with supportive energies)

Divination is the means by which a Shaman can foretell the future, describe the illnesses of people and find their cure. Divination shows the path to the Shaman; which direction the patient should walk to receive healing. This is accomplished in varying ways and the method used often depends on the teaching the Shaman received from his particular tribe or elder. The most common Shamanic method is journeying to the Otherworld and requesting information from elders, guides and spirits who live there. It is been said that Genghis Khan used his shamans that way. There are many other beings that are greatly involved in your life and wish to see you whole and happy. A Shaman has intimate an relationship with these wise ones and uses this gift on the patient’s behalf.

Purification Ceremony-Ceremonial prayers songs and sweat

With the help of Shaman, the lodge could repair the damage done to their spirits, their minds and their bodies. The Sweat Lodge is a place of spiritual refuge and mental and physical healing, a place to get answers and guidance by asking spiritual entities, totem helpers, the Creator and Mother Earth for the needed wisdom and power.

Herbal Healing 

Herbal healing gives credence to the true belief that the Shaman is a medicine man or witch doctor. Herbal healing began with the beginning of the earth. Many of the hunting and gathering tribes had the ability to heal with plants indigenous to their area. Today this knowledge is fast disappearing and Shamans everywhere try to support the preservation of indigenous plant life and the lore surrounding them. Many Shamans spend their entire careers discovering and recording these plants for the future of us all.

Dream Work – Dream Interpretation

Dream work or dream interpretation is another Shamanic tool to assist with healing. Shamans will listen to the dreamer's dream, sometimes for several days, until they fully connect with it. Then they will dream the dream themselves and resolve the conflict to the highest good of the dreamer. This again is a difficult task and requires rigorous training by the Shaman in his or her apprenticeship to accomplish.

Soul Leading – Working with the Dead

Soul leading is another important function of a Shaman. This is the process in which the Shaman will escort the newly dead to their place in the Otherworld. This is done because the Shaman who is familiar and a frequent visitor to the Otherworld will be able to find the "soul" its proper place.


Tradition = This list is truly a good guide, But nothing beats having a good teacher, a traditional Elder with clear methods to guide you and answer the many question that will arise and trust me they will

Inspiration = Words, colors, light, sounds, stone, wood, metal belong to the living shamanic artist. They belong to anyone who with inspiration can use them

Education = in this age of information there are many books that share experiences and techniques on each the above subjects so research and if you can not find an Elder willing to teach you,find some like minded spiritual friends form a small group and practice some of the lighter methods .Until a teacher appears.

Han Han katu Beike Kunuk Ceiba

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