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Greetings My Relatives

It has been a while since our meeting of the Council of Nitainos and, as many of you are aware, there has been a lot of activity in the Caney Circle. Obviously one of the most active units of our community is the Caney Circle of Lancaster Pennsylvania which is unofficially associated with the Yukayeke Manicato there. Our sister Bibi Erlinda Toa Kao (Mother Crow), the Caney behike in Lancaster has maintained a wonderful schedule of ceremony in that city, blessing the local Taino community with the sacred power and wisdom of our Caney tradition every full moon.

Now the Yukayeke Manikato's kasike (chief), Guatu Iri, who is the brother of Bibi Mother Crow, has committed to earning his own behike necklace and also becoming a leader in our spiritual community.

It is inspiring to see the commitment and enthusiasm demonstrated by these relatives in Lancaster who are doing this all funding it out of their own pockets.


I was in communication this past week with our brother Jeff Johnson who administers the official CANEY CIRCLE website through his webhosting unit "Owlweb". He has committed to helping me look into the possibilities of fundraising to help defray the costs of maintaining our growing volume of activities. As a non-profit 501c3 church our circle has the capacity to raise much needed monies to support our important work but, not being very good at managing money, I have never been very successful in this field. We will be looking at more effective ways of handling the sales of our arts and crafts items, establishing a voluntary contributions page on our website and  even looking for funding grants.


It is vital that we re-establish a checking account but the bank has told me that they require a document that is signed by everyone of you board members. As you can imagine that is going to be quite a job since you all live in different places. I am simply going to have to send the document one-by-one to each one of you for signatures and then present it to the bank. Please look forward to receiving this document in the mail in your home mailbox and please sign it and send it to the next person on the list.  


I look forward to keep you informed of the progress of all these efforts.

Seneko kakona

Taino Ti





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O.K. Brother. I will look for the document in my mailbox, sign it and send it on.

Taino Ti,

Bibi Tenanche

Hahom (Thanks) Bibi!


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