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meeting #48 12-18-2007

Meeting Minutes (downloadable text file):1%20Meeting%20minutes%2012-18-2007.doc


Attachment #1 Behike Bo Report  (downloadable text file): 2%20Minutes%20of%20Meeting%2012-18-2007%20attachment%20%231%20Beike%20Bo%20Report.doc


Attachment #2 Yahoo Group posts that document discussion referring to our Circle (downloadable text file): 3%2012-18-2007%20attachment%20%23%202%20Yahoo%20Group%20posts.doc


Attachments #3a through #3h photo documentation of my cruise trip to the ancestral homelands (jpg image files):

Attachment #3i text narration describing my trip through the ancestral homelands during the cruise and posted in the Yahoo Group (downloadable text file):11a%2012-18-2007%20attachment%20%23%203%20%20i%20My%20visit%20to%20the%20homelands%20Dec%202006.doc


Attachment #4 Yahoo Group posts relating to the Jornada Taina in Jayuya (downloadable text file):12%2012-18-2007%20attachment%20%23%204%20JORNADA%20TAINA%20Jayuya%20Yahoo%20Group%20posts.doc


Attachments #5r, #5s and #5w Photo documentation of Jornada Indigena Taina in Jayuya (jpg image files):

Attachment #6 yahoo Group post reporting the death of Grandmother Twylah Nitsch (downloadable text file): 38%2012-18-2007%20attachment%20%236%20Yahoo%20Group%20post%20DEATH%20OF%20TWYLAH%20NITSCH.doc


Attachments #7a through #7c Photos documenting Caney Circle participation in Philadelphia Feria Del Barrio with Taller Puertorrique~o (jpg images):



Attachment #7d Yahoo Group posts FERIA DEL BARRIO in Philladelphia (downloadable text file):42%2012-18-2007%20attachment%20%23%207d%20Yahoo%20Group%20Posts%20PHILLY%20FERIA%20DEL%20BARRIO.doc


Attachment #8 Photo documentation of Day of the Dead ceremony (jpg file):

Attachment #9b Photographic documentation of Caney Circle participation in the hosting of the visit of Guatemalan Maya elder Don Alejandro Cirilo Perez Oxlaj in Pittsburgh (jpg image file):

Attachment #10a Correspondence from the Ciboney Tribe of Miami Florida (jpg image file):

This post does not include all of the attachments for this meeting. For a more complete report of this meeting with all of the pertinent attachments please contact Caney Circle Behike Bo or administrative assistant.  


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