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meeting #49 12-21-2008

Meeting Minutes (downloadable text file): 1%20Meeting%20minutes%2012-21-2008.doc

Attachment #1 Behike Bo Report (downloadable text file): 2%20Minutes%20of%20Meeting%2012-21-2008%20attachment%20%231%20Beike%20Bo%20Report.doc

Attachment #2 Yahoo Group posts documenting 2007 Winter Solstice ceremony in Miami FLA (downloadable text file): 3%20Minutes%20of%20Meeting%2012-21-2008%20attachment%20%232%20Yahoo%20Group%20%20Winter%20Sostice%20in%20Miami.doc


Attachments #2a, #2b and #2f Photos documenting Winter Solstice in Maimi FLA (jpg image files):

Attachment #4 Yahoo Group and INDIGENOUS CARIBBEAN NETWORK posts documenting the arrival of the Longest Walk 2008 and the 2008 run of PEACE AND DIGNITY JOURNEYS simultaneously in Pittsburgh (downloadable text file): 14%20Minutes%20of%20Meeting%2012-21-2008%20attachment%20%234%20Yahoo%20Group%20and%20I.C.N.%20posts%20about%20Longest%20Walk%20and%20P.D.J..doc

Attachment #4a Windows Word file copy of an Associated Press article documenting the arrival of the Longest Walk in Pittsburgh (downloadable text file): 15%20Minutes%20of%20Meeting%2012-21-2008%20attachment%20%234a%20LONGEST%20WALK%20Associated%20Press%20article%20coverage.rtf

Attachment #4h Photo documentation of the arrival of Longest Walk and PDJ in Pittsburgh (jpg image file):


Attachment #6 INDIGENOUS CARIBBEAN NETWORK blog documenting Caney Circle participation in the Jornada Indigena Taina in Jayuya Boriken Aug 2008 (downloadable text file): 30%20Minutes%20of%20Meeting%2012-21-2008%20attachment%20%236%20ICN%20blog%20Jornada%20Indigena%20Taina%20jayuya.doc

Attachments #6a and #6b Photo scan of unsigned copy of contract between the Caney Circle Behike Bo and the C.A.T.T.A. crafts cooperative of Jayuya to carry out presentations and workshops at the Jornada Indigena Taina of Aug 2008 (jpg image files):


Attachment 6f photo documentation of Caney Circle participation in the Jornada I Jayuya (jpg image file):



Attachment #7c Photo documentation of Caney Circle participation in the annual Council of Three Rivers American Indian Center Pow Wow (jpg image file):



Attachment #7j Yahoo Group posts documenting Caney Circle participation in the Indian Center Pow Wow (downloadable text file): 46%20attachment%20%237j%20posts%20in%20Yahoo%20Group%20about%20Council%20of%20Three%20Rivers%20Pow%20Wow.doc

Attachment #8 Yahoo Group posts documenting Caney Circle participation in Taino Nation of the Antilles annual areyto  (downloadable text file): 48%20Minutes%20of%20Meeting%2012-21-2008%20attachment%20%238a%20Photo%20Nacion%20Taina%20Areyto%20b.jpg

Attachment #8a Photo documentation of the Caney Circle participation in Taino Nation Of The Antilles annual areyto (jpg image file):

Attachment #9 selection of Yahoo Group posts demonstrating a sample of the  public discussion that took place in the Caney Circle forum this year  (downloadable text file): 53%20Minutes%20of%20Meeting%2012-21-2008%20attachment%20%239%20General%20Yahoo%20Group%20posts.doc

This post does not include all of the attachments for this meeting. For a more complete report of this meeting with all of the pertinent attachments please contact Caney Circle Behike Bo or administrative assistant.  



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