Cremation in Taino culture #1

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Zenith Passage phenomenon

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Clinical research on shamanic journey

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For the benefit of the membership, we would like to provide all with the steps to take regarding disagreements or offenses.

As was inferred in the Code of Conduct, we are not here to play Big Sister nor Referee to anyone. We are assuming our community membership to be adults who understand and appreciate common courtesy. We encourage all to share under the commonly understood social rule: treat others as you would like to be treated. Joining and participation in the Indigenous Caribbean Network denotes acceptance and agreement to community expectations, make sure you read, understand and review these periodically.

We encourage the membership to actively seek resolution of differences among yourselves first as active, independent community members. We all have something of value to offer each other. However, if you feel the Code of Conduct has been breached to the point of needing Council attention, please notify any/all Council members. We strongly suggest a contact via our individual member pages, since these will come to our private emails and may provide a faster response.

note: Kindly allow a reasonable amount of time for a response since we have the regular responsibilities of work, education, children and families as well as real-time volunteering for local organizations. The ICN is a project of love, our service to the Indigenous Caribbean community in the diaspora.

Grievance Process

When contacting us with a complaint, please include the page address where the infringement occurred (copy and paste the address line to the body of your email) as well as a clear description of the offense, keeping in mind that although we read the same passages, we may not understand the same thing. The Council of Women will then take next steps.

For the sake of transparency, these steps are as follows:

-Upon initial contact, the concerned member will receive notice that their complaint has been received and is being reviewed.
-Once the concern has been verified, Council membership will initiate closed discussions. These discussions will be via whatever means necessary, convenient and possible: online chat, email, or telephone conference.
-Council will contact the concerned parties, as necessary, for clarification.
-Council will then come to an understanding and make a decision regarding the occurrence and what next steps to take.
-Council decisions is final. Membership agreement is assumed by continued participation on the site.

The responsibilities of the Council includes disciplinary action, which can include, but is not limited to: warnings, temporary supervision, temporary suspension or permanent termination.

We are of the understanding that banning members is not conducive to growth and we will avoid that action as much as possible. However the health of a plant, at times, depends on proper pruning and for the health of the Indigenous Caribbean Network, we will prune as necessary.

The Indigenous Caribbean Network belongs to us all, and as such, we all have a hand in the feel of the place. We either add or take away from the feel, the energy, of the site. Let us work together to actively seek similarities, even among our differences, and create a community we can all enjoy.



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