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registration form art all night Pittsburgh

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illustration of an episode of the Taino creation narration in which the sacred woodpecker bird Inriri sculpts the form of a human woman from the body of a genderless forest entity. From these transformed beings all future women are derived.

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Comment by Randy Eady on August 2, 2022 at 10:35am

More wood pecker womb shaman magic: 

[...]Converted to heat, slightly raising temps in a woodpecker’s brain. This is part of the pause pattern woodpeckers use in "short-burst strike" w/breaks in between, letting the brain cool before the head banging hikes up the heat. Besides "spearing" the woodpecker's tongue serves a dual vibro-acoustic function– listening to track/pinpoint insects inside the bore & monitoring (intero-ceptively) this brain-heat.

It's all in the Herbst corpuscle, uniquely uncovered in birds, distinct as a sensory nerve ending w/vibration-sensitive cells to registers emf pulses.

Found in both skull areas & in the LEGS & FEET, it invariably traces to the dorsal root ganglia as well as nerve fibers of the sciatic nerve.

WoodPecker Tensegrity Reveals Surprising Targeted VibroAcoustics by...

See:  Drumming in a DEAD Straight Line

 Woodpecker in Slow Motion !!!!! - YouTube

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