Guaiko The Taino Medicine Wheel
Bound by 28 units(represented usualy by stone) and 4 stones considered the original stones thrown high in the sky by the Great Spirit that became the 4 stars of direction Achiano, Koromo, Racuno, and Sobaiko. The 4 directions representing virtues, South- Innocence(open mindness), North- Wisdom, West- Introspection, East- Awakening(enlightenment that comes with perfect balance). The 4 directions having its own sacred bird and mother food South-Guanaho The Turkey, North- Babae The Elusive Humming Bird, West- Mukaro The Owl, East- Guaraguao The Hawk, Mother foods South- Green Squash, North- White Cassava(yuca), West- Black Beans, East- Yellow Maize(corn).

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