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Best of the World: Soil to Soul in a Seabed Gallery

The annual BotW (Best of the World) list from Nat. Geo's global editors, writers, photographers and explorer community share their picks for the top museums, festivals & other cultural spots and experiences worth a visit.  

And two Nature-enriched Caribbean spots find themselves atop the list.

In Grenada, snorkelers and divers might spot not…


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Taino and Puerto Plata’s Crown Jewel Attraction: 27 Charcos of Damajagua waterfalls.

A worthwhile feature of the Amazing Race 36, Episode 9 – My Precious Cacao 

Run by local guides who live within the community, the park entrance fees serve a benefit to all of its residents and future preservation— making it an all-around…

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Cambio & Conexión: What We Get is What We See & What We See Is What We Are

Folklorically said to improve vision on many dimensional levels, Amaranth plant is a resistant, fast-growing pseudocereal used as the main crop by the Aztecs in Mexico and cultivated by other Caribbean & Mesoamerican civilizations.…


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Indigenous Rituals Connecting Life Between the Physical & Invisible

Beliefs, where spirits inhabit the environment and offerings are given in thanks or supplication to nature, have been present and existed in the Carribean region long before conquest & colonization. 

Is there a way to abstractly wrap our hands around communicating such experiences, and making attempts to rationally or scientifically explain mystical…


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WTF is Reality?

The Maya experience is one of the select & preparatory primers for the psyche (for Ayahuasca) delivered via a "multi-sensory promise in a box". 

Sensik is actually a sensory reality pod to sit in & totally immerse in a mixed and virtual experience, augmenting headset visuals w/a set of exterior wind, light, scent, heat, haptics sense simulators - or, as founder Fred Galstaun puts it,…


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Speaking of Esoteric Symbolism: Deer Power

Moments before these fatal lightning strikes on a Mexican coast, deer ran across the beach.…

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Hairstyles are more than just a fashion statement for many cultures. For black & brown people, hair has always played an important role across diaspora.

Dreadlocks are culturally perceived as a connection to wisdom. Neither a fad, nor about getting attention.

Hair is a soul…


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In support of AIRIE (Artists in Residence in Everglades). 🤝  
June AIRIE fellow Sydney Maubert and her installation “Queen of the Swamp” will be on display until Dec 1st.

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Sacred Ceiba Tree

Mega defense. The sacred Ceiba tree, Worshipped in Cuba and other parts of the Caribbean. Discourages elephants! I have one in my yard and no, you don't want to butt your head into this tree even if you are an elephant. btw.

LINK for more info is on


I like how nature -- as is always the…


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Ancient Peopling of the Americas

Current research points to a complex settlement process that challenges many traditional conventions, especially for this region of the Americas.…

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Caribbean Equinox: Of Giants, Bats & Whispering Earthen Wombs

Heather Arnold, a graduate of Syracuse University, had a 15-year career in the media industry in Los Angeles and Manhattan. After leaving the industry to pursue an opportunity in pharmaceutical sales, she moved from Manhattan to the Caribbean Island of Aruba to start her own tour company.…

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Fragments of Epic Memory: Revisiting the Caribbean

“Fragments of Epic Memory,” on view through July 9, is the first exhibition of these photographs, combining a selection of archival images with contemporary artworks from the Caribbean and its diaspora.

In 2019, the Art Gallery of Ontario…


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Ancient Builders and Rock Artists in the Caribbean and Amazon

Functioning as an 'out-of-doors classroom' where locals & internationals (tourists-mostly of the eco-variety) can interact w/one another & the monuments/built constructs of Belize’s past -- this site is socially significant today as it was 3,000 years ago.  due in part to its longevity, its association with historic events, and its symbolism for descendants, indigenous and migrants, and its involvement in nation-building.

Beyond its physical and…


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From Cactus Fingerprints to the Aztec Formulation of “Cactus Blood”*

Cochineal, certainly inspired, as one of the most precious natural dyes -- as well as vibrant and bright -- it is also one of the most light- and heat-stable and oxidation-resistant of all the natural organic colorants and is even more stable than many synthetic food colors.



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Healthy Heart~Feet Tsimane

Tsimane Healthy Bare Feet: Keep Inflammation @ Bay; Play an Integral Role in Heart's Health                             by. R. Eady, KR Terrapeutics

Here’s why:  The foot is the area with the most concentrated energy pathways and the easiest and most effective place to begin to restore lymphatic fluid flow, release toxins and encourage circulation and lower inflammation in a stagnated area.  This is aided by the…


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Modeling Opportunities

The studio is interested in new models who wish to create new images. Please click the "Modeling Opportunities" tab at the site (Boriken Warrior) for more info.

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Folklore and Myth for the Winter Season, Sacred Clown Birthing an Ancient Future this Spring

Riffs just released:

I am deeply & personally touched by the sadness of the w/wanton violence at that C. Springs, CO SafePlace (Club Q) shooting.…


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COP27: How the climate conference could confront colonialism by centering Indigenous rights

The vast majority of the discussions [in Sharm El Sheikh, Egypt] at COP27 reproduce colonial patterns of unsustainable economic growth, ecological destruction and Indigenous dispossession that have been responsible for climate destabilization in the first place.

Despite extensive participation of diverse peoples & communities this year, there are…


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Interconnectedness: the Motherly Compassion of Teteoinan and Kuan Yin

Interconnectedness: the Motherly Compassion of Teteoinan and Kuan Yin (see:

In the Nahuatl culture of Mexico, the goddess of the sweat bath was Temazcalteci, "the…


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