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This second indigenous celebration prayer song from Angel is so nice to see and hear. Oracledruid, what is the meaning to the cover? Is there anything you can reveal? 

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Comment by Ron Sharky on November 11, 2023 at 6:15pm

Hey, Randy Eady. That info is great!!!! I got a lot of info at the academia. But no luck on people doing remote viewing. I've been traveling to Panama City to do some work for the couple I mentioned before. Got hot info about the guy AMR. He's s been an addition, to none other than the team of Elon Musk. They are working on something that have to do with crypto and banking. The couple acted very secretly. They said that the people who have AMR protect him and he's not to be mentioned oops. I guess a lady who did what AMR does went missing from them and they were government agents that took her. The lady was blind as a bat and driving with her sister they got stopped by the agents and was asked if she can see what was on a satellite up in space. Well, she gave them the right answer and a day later those agent shows up at her front door and they took her and they have never heard from her again. The sister is terrified to say anything. They found AMR and now they guard him like a crown jewl. They said AMR, is guiding them to connect people to each other, and have them make millions for humanitarian projects for the people. Elon Musk heard about the deals and now wants in to have a share. I'm blown away with this stuff. They are not kidding the couple are part of the group too. It's like they have a genie in the bottle and the government wants it too. That's how messed up this is. Thanks for your great info Randy Eady.

Comment by Randy Eady on November 1, 2023 at 9:52am

Yo Ron

Comment by Ron Sharky on October 15, 2023 at 1:48pm

WOW! Randy Eady!!! You just killed my turkey brain. (I'm a lawnmower man that take his shirt off to show off my abs by getting sweaty to get bigger tips). I read your LinkedIn great info. I read your "how do float & hyperbaric treatment (abot)". I read some of your other info too. Have you any info about "remote viewers"? The artist mentioned by Oracledruid does that stuff. How I heard about him, I was working on a client's yard a rich couple up in Panama City they figured I'm Puerto Rican I must know every Puerto Rican in Puerto Rico. They mentioned the artist as the indigenous from Puerto Rico flying around for information about some bad people after them. Amr looked around the area and saw the bad guys were coming from behind their backyard. They were about to get killed. The couple took off to a hotel then ended up in the location they are now. Their old house got exploded as soon as they took off. They mentioned a lot more other stuff amr did for them. Now here is the thing, (they were talking live on the cell phone with AMR who was in New York and at that time those people were in Nevada.) Any info on remote viewers or viewing?

Comment by Randy Eady on October 15, 2023 at 6:19am

Butterfly wing patterns have a plan to them

A plan to become our rulers, umm . . . juuust kidding.  

Actually, wing patterns of shape and color which have been conserved over tens to hundreds of millions of years provide a wondrous window into what is known as "light-grating".  

Butterfly DNA (One Geneticist's Junk is a Butterfly's Treasure)

Comment by Oracle Druid on October 14, 2023 at 1:12pm

I love it!!! I will add it to my collection. The meaning of this cover is life is as fragile as a butterfly. Notice that he repeated the butterfly wings on the cover. We repeat our mistakes/lives like nature we can be reborn. He is showing butterflies and greenery with threaded letters a symbol of all of our connections. The face seems to be under a veil that shows a clear stare at the viewer and on the butterfly wings with 7 eyes that also stare back. Countless elements in human civilization. There are seven days of the week, seven continents, seven colors of the rainbow, seven chakras, and seven wonders of the world. He gives you the answer. Look at what is on the head it is not a bow as a decoration it is the infinity sign, the symbol of balance, and of the one that sees it all God.

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