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My fellow Beikes in Training AND Beikes,

This past Monday, the 4th, we had a wonderful Ceremony.  First we conducted the Full Moon Ceremony, Starting with the Water Purification.  The Tabonuko was offered to the 4 directions, down to the earth & up to the sky.  We then did the tabacco ceremony(cigar).  We dressed AtaBey in a green shaw, representing all green growing things of our earth. Her shell nrcklace:All things from the sea, the sea itself & all life from the sea.  Her crown with 3 turkey feathers: Trinity.  And her Coa Stick: which creates a hole within the earth for a seed to be planted.  And then of course, her beautiful prayer and two candles.  We also sang to AtaBey,"The Song of AtaBey.

Because I will be going on vacation to Arizona 13th-22nd, I would have been asking my circle members to go without the New Moon Ceremony and the Summer Solstice.  I just couldn't do that so.....Next Phase of our Journey.

I went back to the moon, & started to teach about the Cemis & Avatars.  Mostly AtaBey but not totally excluding  Yoka Hu.  I then started to teach abt. the Summer Solstice, abt where yoka hu would be in his life cycle on June 21, we also sang in honor or YokaHu, & bestowed pictures in his honor.  We spoke about KAHAYA, the shark. And when he is defeated, there will be life&hope.  YOKA HU:The soul of the Yucca Plant.

I got tremendous feedback from my circle members.  They felt that they learned so much more.  Our newest member was able to pretty much catch up, in this one meeting!  We all had a great time. I love teaching so, this meeting was really delightful for me, too.  It taught ME, just how flexible & creative we can be with our time.

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