Our Video Is Cited In Scholarly Research Project

Our Video Is Cited In 2018 Scholarly Research Project article by University Of Miami researcher Jorge Luis Morejón

Please click this LINK to access a pdf file of the full article

Here is a quote from Morejon's article 

"As seen in the video El Cordon (2014), produced by Green Parrot
Productions and Miguel Sague, behíque of the Caney Indigenous Spiritual
Circle and official representative of the United Confederation of Taíno
People, one of the characteristics of the Cordon ritual in Monte Oscuro, is
that before the dance, elders and spiritual mediums are served corn meal.
Corn is an indigenous food that it is known to be part of the Cuban culture, but more specifically of the Cordon tradition. Before the dance begins,
a long session of prayers takes place while the cordoneros, are all sitting
around a table." ---Jorge Luis Morejon

This is our video that Morejon cited

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