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The Pigorini Cemi is an extraordinary piece of Taino artistry that combines elements of native Taino, European and African culture in one intricately crafted object.

It is put together from Taino hand-woven cotton fabric (sarobey), native seashell beads, native seeds, as well as European glass beads, European wood and European circular mirrors, and topped off with a Taino-style face mask crafted from an African rhinoceros horn.

Please click this LINK to download a fascinating analysis of the Pigorini cemi by scholars Joanna Ostapkowicz1, Fiona Brock 2, Alex C. Wiedenhoeft3, Rick Schulting4 & Donatella Saviola. The file is in PDF form.

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Comment by Anthony Ureña on June 6, 2020 at 10:29am

Now I see why this makes sense. 
I thought wow the Rhinoceros horn got there very fast from Africa.
That's before I realized that the sources i was using for educatio completely ommited African Conquistadors.

wow our islands are really some of the most interesting places on earth.

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