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The paradox of Impromptu ceremonies Or Creating rituals on the fly

The paradox of Impromptu ceremonies

Or Creating rituals on the fly

Can there be an impromptu Ceremony? Hold up isn't a ceremony a traditional observance and the handing down of statements, beliefs, customs, from generation to generation a sacred manner.

Plainly something that has been done before, so we do not have to improvise. And yet in this instant message world sometimes we are called to do just that. I am 100% sure that each Beike has been called upon short notice to facilitate something approximating a ceremony of the fly.

This challenge takes somewhat different forms according to the nature of the occasion, which usually falls under one of the following two categories:

  • People-blessings; anniversaries, baptisms, birthdays,and the like

  • non-human entities; spaces large or small, articles of clothing, chains rings, pets

Pets! Try smudging a piss-off German Shepard who thinks your trying to burn him! Guacar!!!!

Here are somethings I learned along the way.

First thing is to create a sacred space. Second thing, find four directions, in any earth-based tradition especially a shamanic tradition they do this to recreate the cosmos, and thats what setting the four directions do. That's what a medicine wheel, maypole, mandala, a labyrinth, and the center is the world tree or axis-mundi.

Water = in a glass or bowl

Fire = candle, incense of some kind.

Wind= feathers , house hold Cinnamon burns nicely and is an air element herb.

Earth= a stone, corn, oats, a plant, a Cemi if one has one , a clay pot will do or dirt , even a coin.

Things to say

Sometimes we are lost for words, but I have Little tip that has help.

Please take not offense in my use of the Bible but everybody usually has one.

In the Bible in the book of Proverbs (wisdom) there are 31 chapters, each chapter has at least 24 verses most have more than 31. You can use the date or the date and time to find some guidance on what to say to take the essence not the verse!!!

Lets look at today is 6/20 so 6th chapter verse 20

The verse say “My son, keep your father's commands and do not forsake your mother teaching “.

Lets make this easy, lets have a birthday blessing for a girl say 14:

Father's commands and mother teaching , essence mind your parents.

I would say something like,

today we celebrate the birthday of A### she is now 14 and 14 is not an easy time for anyone, because when you're 14 sometimes you want to be treated like your a grow-up and sometimes you want to be treated like a kid, and for your Parents there's no way to tell when your feeling which. Thats why parents are so annoying. And we have all felt this way when we where 14. But with the loving care of our parents, you continue to grow, grow in beauty and in wisdom.

Let take a look at some of the care we quietly received when we babies. Our mother care for us

Teachings us to love, a sense of right and wrong ,maybe Dad or Mom read to us or told us stories all these things show us that we are loved and this special blessing today is part of that love.

Do your ritual part, be it smudge,water blessing,oils,have parents say a few words have the girl say a few words, make sure you close sending back any energies you called before you party.

Notice I did not go into a the mind your parents thing,after all it is there birthday let them have there day without rubbing them the wrong way!

Han Han Katu

Beike Kunuk Ceiba

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Comment by Edgar Rodriguez(Kunuku Ceiba) on June 20, 2013 at 9:52pm

thank you Clan Mother

I too always establish the Caney Taino Cosmology,it the only one for me.And yes it is our Job to serve the people. I also find they are "starved" for ceremony thank again for sharing.

Barai Kunuk

Comment by Tenanche Semi-Ata Rose Golden on June 20, 2013 at 7:29pm

Guaitiao Beike Kunuk Ceiba,

What a wonderful sharing here, brother! Yes, sometimes it is necessary to perform a ceremony, cleansing, naming, confirming, grounding, opening, closing - something ceremonial "on the fly". We Beikes can and have found ourselves in these situations many times. It's the nature of our "job" as Beikes, in my opinion. This has happened to me several times in the last few months with a group of women. They are "starved" for ceremony, so to speak, so when the occasion rises, and when asked, I step forward serve as a guide. Fortunately for us, we do have traditional ceremonial aspects to fall back on - like you said: Setting sacred space by calling the directions. the elements, and using other methods, smudging with copal/sage, songs, dances, offering prayers, tabaco offerings, etc. I always establish the Caney Taino Cosmology of Achiano-Guanajo, Koromo-Múkaro, Rakuna-Colibrí, Sobaiko-Guaraguao, Atabei-Mother Earth, Yokahú-"Father Sky, Sun and life Force, and Yaya Guaturei - the Sacred Unity/Center of All and Great Mystery. When I do this, I feel completely grounded and centered within Taino cosmology and then can allow other energies that develop or requests from others to help to guide the ceremony. If I feel that the energy is getting too scattered, I return our consciousness to the Sacred Center usually with a dance, song, meditation or prayer.

A couple of times recently, there was negative energy building in the group and I was feeling the need to do a cleansing " on the fly". Of course, I asked permission, to which everyone agreed because they felt a need for the energy to shift.  We did not have sage, copal or tabaco close by at the time, but I did have a braid of sweetgrass - so I cleansed each person with it while having them do deep breathing to move the stagnant, negative energy. They sang and chanted positive words and sounds also.  It helped to move and clear the heavy energy so that the next appropriate things could happen.

I feel that Beike Bo Sobaoko Koromo's initial training and continued guidance has helped us both to develop in this way. I am very grateful - Bo Matun!I see that you are doing ceremonies for families, the young ones. This is good work to do, brother. I pray to perhaps to do more also with families, if asked. Please share more of your experiences with us!

By the way. I would love to begin a discussion on the Clans of the Caney Circle. Being the Clan Mother of the Hutia Rakuna Clan, to which you belong, this would be great to share!

Han Han Katu!

Seneko Kakona

Beike Tenanche Cemi-Ata (Semiata)

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