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Tainos en Cuba

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Takahi my relatives, as we approach the sacred point in the tropical year cycle when the rains ultimately intensify in the Caribbean. I would like to offer three presentations that explore various aspects of this weather phenomenon and its spiritual significance in Taino culture. 

 First I want to present the concepts surrounding Taino beliefs about rainy weather and dry weather. This duality plays a crucial role in the way we perceive our own sense of self and how we interact with society and the world around us:

The significant character in this duality now that we are experiencing the beginning of the Rainy Season is the spirit called Boinayel, the benevolent spirit of gentle rain.

Now I want to present an exploration of the significance of the Spring season in Taino culture. The Spring Season begins with the date of the Spring Equinox on March 21st when we Tainos recognize the gradual approach of the beginning of the yearly cycle. The following three months are perceived as the period of gradual reawakening during which time as the Spring rains slowly intensify, the earth comes back to life after the long dead period of the wintertime Dry Season. At the conclusion of this three-month period when the Rainy Season has finally come to full intensity we celebrate the second Spring ceremony at the end of the month of May, just before the onset of the Summer season. That ceremony is called Sirik: 

Finally, we must face the more challenging aspect of the Rainy Season, the aspect that can manifest later in the Summer and Fall, in the form of more destructive torrential rains and hurricanes. The name of this spirit is Koatriskie, one of the two male companions of the female mistress of destructive natural phenomena, Guabancex. This entity, accompanied by her two companions presents to us the element of life that reminds us of our infinite vulnerability and the overwhelming power of nature: 

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