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We Celebrated FULL MOON CEREMONY On Thursday Aug 30 2012 In Verona PA

Takaji My Relatives

I want to post just a brief note to report that on Thursday August 30 2012 at 7:00 PM we celebrtaed the sacred FULL MOON CEREMONY at the Verona Pennsylvania Teaching and Healing lodge of the CANEY INDIGENOUS SPIRITUAL CIRCLE  near Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.

It was a beautiful Summer evening and the Blue Moon (second full moon of the month) shone over our ceremony as we lit the torches and listened respectfully while a woman celebrant recited the sacred words "Our women have within them the rythm of the Universe".

We were blessed by the presence of a wonderful group of people, both Tainos and non-Tainos who attended the ritual. As usual four women were charged with the responsibilty of holding and guarding the plates of the sacred foods of the four directions: 1. green squash slices in the south,   2. black beans in the west,   3. white casabe in the north, and   4. yellow maize corn in the east. One of the women in attendance was chosen to perform the role of Ata Bey and light the two torches that represent the double brightness of the full moon on that night. She was led through the sacred words of the prayer by my wife Leni Mais-Guariche (Maize-Woman) since this segment of the ceremony is very woman-oriented.  We smoked a cigar and sent our prayers in the smoke of the sacred tobacco.

Our circle ceremony was followed by the kansi (sweatlodge) ritual in our community guanara here at the Verona teaching lodge. As usual our good brother the Cheyenne warrior Harold (Dog) Roman Nose proved invaluable by allowing us to use his vehicle for the transporting of the firewood and his expert tending of the fire. 

I was thrilled by the participation in our ceremony of a sister by the name of Nancy who is an acquaintance of our own brother the Caney Circle beike-in-training Akichitay. She happens to live right here in Verona where we were celebrating our ceremony. It was a blessing to share this ceremony with her and I have just been informed recently that she is planning to participate in the Equinox Areyto later this month so I plan to travel with her to Mount Pocono.

We are blessed to have all of these awesome people here to share these powerful experiences, and we say an earnest Bo Matun and Jajom (thanks) to Yaya Guaturey the Great Spirit for consistantly giving us the great energy to continue with this important work.

Taino Ti



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