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The beautiful silver face of our sister Karaya (Maroya) apppeared from behind a veil of black clouds soon after we had completed the last chants of our Full Moon Ceremony on Saturday Sept 29  2012 at the site of the CANEY INDIGENOUS SPIRITUAL CIRCLE's Verona, Pennsylvania Teaching and Healing lodge.

We were a small group of celebrants that night. Many of us had just come from the festivities at the COUNCIL OF THREE RIVERS AMERICAN INDIAN CENTER Pow Wow which was held on that day at the Singing Winds site of the Indian Center in Dorseyville, Pennsylvania.

One of the women in the group was gracious enough to honor us by performing the role of Ata Bey and lighting the two lights of the full moon's double glow. We used candles upon this particular ocasion instead of torches and as the two small lights shivered in the slight Autumn breeze the Caney Circle beike Tenanche guided this woman in saying the sacred words of the Full Moon Ceremony prayer "We women have within us the rhythm of the universe" 

 Beike Tenanche Cemiata Golden


Recent rains had soaked the available firewood and therefore I was not able to get the fire for the sweatlodge going since I did not have the assistance of our dear friend Harold "Dog" RomanNose who is usually my fire keeper.

Nevertheless as we shared in our usual after-ceremony meal it was obvious that the ritual was a fulfilling one for all the participants and there was a general agreement that all were looking forward to our next one at the end of October.

Taino Ti


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