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It is with great Joy that I am able to report that on Saturday June 22 2013 we gathered to celebrate the ceremony of SUMMER SOLSTICE  on the grounds of the Youngstown Ohio Teaching Lodge of the CANEY INDIGENOUS SPIRITUAL CIRCLE, a sacred place guided by Dr Rosa Ana'O Quinones, Caney Circle behike and UCTP representative for the Ohio region.


It was an honor for me to officiate the ceremony with the help of Behike Rosa Ana'O. The altar was prepared with the four sacred foods for the four directions and as well as images of Ata Bey and Yoka Hu within a stone coa hoop.

Our good Taino brother Akichitay Urayoel came all the way across the state from the Poconos in eastern Pennsylvania to participate in this ceremony.

He honored us by performing the role of Yoka Hu the Lord of the Life Force during the Radiant Sun Ceremony.

He also took the lead in the central ritual of our Solstice tradition...The Shark Dance.

Present were a good number of members of Beike Ana'O's family as well as other friends from the Youngstown Taino community.

David Jorge, Beike Ana'O's brother, honored us with an inspiring poem dedicated to the occasion.

After the main ceremonies our brother Urayoel surprised Beike Ana'O by making a generous gift of a hand-crafted Taino mayohuakan log drum, created by himself, which is destined for the use of the Taino community of Youngstown.

The drum was marveled over by the grateful community members.



After the ceremony we were treated to some awesome Boricua food by Beike Ana'O and othe members of the community.


I want to express my most sincere gratitude to our dear sister Rosa Ana'O Quinones for opening up her home to all of us who came to share in the sacred gathering and also to all of those who joined us there to pray and sing and commune in love and brotherhood/sisterhood.

Seneko Kakona to all

Taino Ti


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Comment by Miguel Sague Jr on August 1, 2013 at 8:31am
I totally agree with you my sister. I feel it might be useful to suggest a great cultural demnstration next year smetime but August 9 is just too impractical.
Comment by Dr. Rose M. Xochitl AnaO Quinone on July 31, 2013 at 10:23pm

Taino'ti, Beike Miguesl,

As I was saying the other day about Aug. 9th, I don't feel comfortable creating a "performance" for the OCCHA celebration. Our rituals and religious practices aren't a "dog and pony show". It is evident to me the disorganization and non-education of a spiritual and cultural demonstration vs a performance. I am willing to help wit the historical education and the essence of our spirituality, whether Catholic or other Christian assemblies. In order for  the Tainos to survive there had to be a melting or molding of spiritual beliefs and the practicality of existence. I shall contact Hector and explain that we don't have a dance troup to display. I shall volunteer to speak on the Taino Resurgence with some background Taino music, and tribal membership forms. What do you think?

Oma'bahari Seneko Kakona, Xochitl AnaO 

Comment by Dr. Rose M. Xochitl AnaO Quinone on June 29, 2013 at 10:00pm

Bo Miguel,

I was honored to be able to host the sacred ceremony of the Solstice. It is my hope that many will be inspired to acknowledge their heritage and own it. It is important for humankind to accept their culture, heritage,and spirituality. This holds our people together and allows us to be strong, humble, loving to all, centered(nakan), and productive. We need to stop denying who we are. It is time for all indigenous people to reclaim what Yucahu has planned for us. Our mother, Atabeira is waiting for our comittment to our responsibilites.

Bo'matum for your  guidance. Seneko Kakona.Xochitl AnaO

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