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We Honored A Beloved Departed Son In Long Island New York Sunday Morning June 2 2013

Takaji My Relatives

On Sunday Morning June 2 2013 I travelled to a community near the eastern end of Long Island, the home of our Taino spiritual sister Lisa Nacancuyu, a member of the Yukayeke Ma'Oconuco of Lancaster, Pennsylvania.

We all share her sorrow currently as she mourns the loss, not only of her son but also more recently of her husband.


The Crossing-Over Ceremony for Seth Eric Perez Guaribo Turey Toka began in the Caney Spiritual Circle tradition, with the positioning of the cemies of Ata Bey and Yoka Hu, the four birds of the four directions and the container of water that represents the primordial ocean, all upon a white sheet on the ground under a beautiful warm Spring morning in Lisa's back yard.

After the opening rituals and sacred chants to Yoka Hu and Ata Bey and after invoking the energies of the four sacred directions I ignited the fire around the corn wafer enclosure that represented the dwelling of CoayBay, realm of the nacestors, floating on the surface of the water that symbolizes the primordial ocean water within the womb of the Cosmic Mother, the place where our brother Guaribo Turey Toka is ultimately returning to in his final journey.

The fire burned fiercely consuming the wafer which contained a few ashes from Seth's cremation, some strands of his hair and some tobacco and copal.

I sang the beautiful song from the tradition of our South American Indigenous relatives, a tune whose lyrics say: "Yo quiero que a mi me entierren como a mis antepasados"

 After the symbolic corn CoaBay and its contents were completely consumed I placed half of the ashes in a gourd and the other half in a clay bowl to represent the higuera gourds in which long bones and clay bowls in which the skull bones of our dearly departed ancestors were buried in ancient times. 


I was honored to be able to present my spiritual sister Lisa with a memorial tablet which is part of Caney Circle tradition where she could hang the gourd and rest the bowl on a small wooden platform.

As I expressed earlier it was a solemn honor for me to be able to make this gift to my spiritual sister Lisa who has experienced so much loss in the past year. May she find some measure of consolation in the fact that her tribal family at Yukayeke Ma'Okonuko as well as so many of her dear relatives and friends are standing firm in her support with so much love and compassion, and that these dear departed souls are already begining to make contact with some members of the family from Coa Bay.

Lisa we love you! Seneko Kakona (Many Blessings)

Taino Ti 


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Comment by Lisa Nacan'cuyo Perez Morales on June 15, 2013 at 8:41pm

We love you too brother Miguel!! Thank you so very much it was an honor and a blessing!! Cannot wait to see you again for our next ceremony!

Seneko Kakona

Taino Ti


Comment by Joanna 'Aya' Soto-Avilés on June 3, 2013 at 7:51pm

Our love, good thoughts and energy, and humble prayers continue to go out to our itou, Lisa Nacancuyu, and her loved ones as she mourns the loss of her beloved departed son and, more recently, her beloved husband and soulmate.  May YaYa and the Ancestors Bless their journey to Koabei as well as Bless, Comfort and Strengthen all those who love them.  Seneko Kakona, now and always... 

To our tiao, Miguel, we again say Hahom for offering and providing this beautiful service for our Taino People.  Seneko Kakona, now and always...

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