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Yuisa Cheif From Boríke(Puerto Rico)

Yuisa From Boríke(Puerto Rico) Cacique Chief of the Tainos.

The river named after this lady is incorrectly named "Loíza River". It was near her "Rancherio" = a small Indian settlement or "Yukayeke" = "Village" called "Haymanio". Both names were Spaniarized and changed to "Loíza" adding the [í] in the center for [Loíz_] and removing [Yuis_] instead of "Yuisa" and "Jaymanio" removing the [H] for easy vision and pronunciation in Spanish since the [H] in Arawak sounds like a [J]. The actual name is 'Haymanio". 
In 1509 she was encomended to Juan Cerón. Encomending indigenous people was a way to steal lands and have free slaves, another word for encomienda is SLAVERY. Its meaning is: "Encomienda - a grant by the Spanish Crown to a colonist in islands and America conferring the right to demand tribute and forced labor from the Indian inhabitants of an area". 
In 1509 Yuisa and her people were forced to work in the farms of S. A., which included the banks of the Toa River. Most people Don't even know why this woman was a leader and was put in a high position. The name they keep butchering is Yuisa
Yuisa in her period of power was loved by her people. In the name Yuisa, you find the meaning sitting inside of it: "The people's way" In Spanish is: "El Camino del Pueblo" = [Yu=gente/people] [i=como-like] [sa=puerta o camino/door or way]. Each of these words is an -affix-. In [Yu], this can mean the color White, but the rest tells what the meaning is [i=like], and in the -affix- [sa=way, door or a portal door] as in "Samani the girl who spoke to the ancestors using the river water as a portal door".

If you are wondering this can mean "like the white door". You have to put yourself in the period. There were no doors in huts [bohibe=houses] only a way to walk in or out this makes no need for the color white and now you know that they were referring to her as the path for the people. Only people could walk through the pathway. This name gives us a glimpse of the admiration the people had for her. Indigenous people would give names to their chosen leaders with affection. 

To understand you must throw yourself into that period of Kings and queens when they married was usually to keep the peace between their people and when the invaders came in plain sight did their butchery without holding back to show power over them. Blacks and indigenous people endured humiliations and were still being separated, and enslaved for sales of both blacks and indigenous. Yuisa as a defeated leader had no choice but to make a deal of marriage to keep the peace the Spaniards chose someone they thought the indigenous people would relate with Pedros Mejius a mix - Spanish and black conqueror and to her people was considered a betrail since there was most likely no change to their treatment. This made her people think she was a traitor and they turned on her and they killed her. 

Yuisa, her name continued throughout time because it seemed to know the nature of who she was. Her name tells the fate of both her and the people. The name seems to me to represent the door to either freedom or enslavement and like her, I imagine no way out, either way, death was imminent.

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