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At 11:06am on June 20, 2022, Michelle Inarú Ropará said…

Taiguey, my friends!  Does anyone know of any New Moon Ceremonies that are being done regularly?  I'm very thankful to participate in Caney Full Moon Ceremonies, but I'd love to participate in New Moon Ceremonies for women as well.  Hahom!

At 3:09pm on November 14, 2020, Lenia Sague said…

 My dear sister Angelica, it is wonderful to read your commitment to the cause of recognition and honoring of our people. My husband Miguel Sague and I look forward to your contributions here in our network. We hope that you will reach out to us anytime that you need any assistance in this effort.

At 11:04am on November 11, 2020, Angelica Baez Vazquez said…

Hi I would like to be part of the movement to recognize our Taino Tribe as an indigenous, present thriving entity of our cultural contributions and heritage. We are native Americans and must be treated and recognize as such. Please count me in, con la bendicion de DIos.

At 11:41pm on February 16, 2020, Jose Manuel Adorno said…

Mi primo me lo dio en 1986 mientras visitaba a Borinken. Estaba trabajando en una granja en las montañas cuando lo encontró en una zanja que estaba cavando. Tiene 4 "de alto por 1.5" de grosor y pesa 8 onzas. ¿Alguien puede decirme si esto tiene algún significado cultural?

At 7:37pm on March 25, 2019, Miguel Sague Jr said…

Akasha I took care of James Pollard. I deleted him.

At 3:11pm on March 22, 2019, Akasha Holmes said…

Hello, I would like to report a fraudulent person posing as a member of ICN

I received a message from "James Pollard" who sent me a private email address "" 

This email described a fraudulent proposition involving someone with the same last name as me who died and left millions in the bank. This James person proposed I claim the money and split it with him. I was very surprised and threatened to contact the FBI if he contacted me again. 

Thanks for listening.



At 3:22pm on March 21, 2019, Jose Manuel Adorno said…

So here’s the thing;


I’m a 66 year old Boricua who was born in “El Barrio” NYC. That’s 99th St. & 2nd Avenue for those who are not clear where “El Barrio” is.


At this late stage of my life, I’m really trying to connect with “like-minded” individuals who consider themselves “Expatriates.” I know the literal translation of expatriate is someone who was born in one country, but currently lives in another country. However, in researching the definition of “Expatriate,” I’ve found that it is really up to individual interpretation! So, that being said, I consider myself “Puertoriqueño” by virtue of the fact that my parents were both born in Puerto Rico, migrated to the US, and I was born in NYC. Not my fault, not my choice, but there’s are millions just like me, so it is what it is.


As a recent member of the Indigenous Caribbean Network, I’d like to connect and interact with other “Boricuas” in my geographic. I live in Southern NJ. I own a 1 1/2acre farm with a 100+ year old home. To provide some context; I grew up on the streets of El Barrio (1965-1975), was in the drug game (1975-1990), went to prison (1990-1994), saw the light, and worked in non-profit (1994-2006) trying to give back and reconcile my past with my present. I became semi-retired after working in Camden, NJ for 3 years.


So that’s the long and the short of my life. I want to connect with other Boricuas in my geographic.




We can take it from there if you’re feeling adventurous!!!

At 1:40pm on February 4, 2018, Dr. Rose M. Xochitl AnaO Quinone said…

Checking in.

At 9:10am on February 21, 2014, Elba Fraticelli Pacheco said…

Blessings to all, welcome Council of Women, may our shares all be for the enlightment, growth, understanding and love of our culture.

At 4:20pm on July 29, 2013, Ana-Maurine Lara said…


With respect and love and honor, I write to inquire about the ICN Council of Women. As a member of ICN, I wanted to ask who is on the Council of Women, and if it is a traditionally selected Council or if it is an open Council, for all or any members. Is it for elders?  I am asking just to know, so that I can have a better understanding of how the space works. Bo matum, Ana Tlahuicoatl

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