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registration form art all night Pittsburgh

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Tainos en Cuba

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At 7:53pm on June 04, 2011, someone gave Miguel Sague Jr a giftAnonymous
At 11:47pm on June 3, 2011, Kathy Evans-Palmisano said…
Thank you my Brother. I am honored to be welcomed into your community.
At 12:18pm on January 10, 2011, Amber K Baker said…
Thank you so much for the warm welcome. I am very happy to be a part of your community here.
At 7:42pm on November 28, 2010, Melinda Maxwell-Gibb gave Miguel Sague Jr a gift
At 7:10pm on November 17, 2010, Mary Dena Hall said…
Thank you!
At 1:15am on July 13, 2010, Iris Antongiorgi Concepcion said…
At 8:41pm on May 18, 2010, Iris Antongiorgi Concepcion said…

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At 5:32am on July 4, 2009, joseph alexander williams said…
keep up the good work miguel you will hear from me again god bless
At 10:22pm on July 3, 2009, Iris Antongiorgi Concepcion said…
At 5:56pm on May 29, 2009, Tania *Heremuru* said…
Thank you MIguel for those beautifull and inspiring words!
At 4:41am on May 24, 2009, Dayan James said…
Hi Miguel, am so happy with all the spiritual connections we are making. It truely feels like the great coming together. Thanks!
At 8:17pm on May 1, 2009, Jonathan said…
Thanks so much.

I personally believe that little things like that should be preserved. It is part of our Taino heritage and as such is one of those things that creates a special form of continuity with The Ancient Ones.

Does Cuba have an equivalent to Dominican/Haitian Mamajuana and Puerto Rican (Vieques in particular) Bili ?
At 12:35pm on April 29, 2009, Jonathan said…
Thank you for the information.

As a side, I was wondering if you knew of anyone who knows how to make Taino style pipes and/or cigars. From what I have heard Cohiba (The Cuban brand of cigars.) is one of the best cigars out there. I personally don't smoke, but I LOVE the smell of tobacco (ever since I was little). So perhaps you know of a course or instructional where I could learn that particular craft ?
At 12:00pm on April 29, 2009, melvin said…
Taino Ty, to you and the family and hope all is fine and well on your side of the border or accross the medicine line. We here on the Grandmother side of the border is well and fine and we often think about our close relatives when we have time to think. Thank you for thinking of us and we hope to make this site very rewarding and interesting. Keep healthy and stronge my Brother-In-Law.
At 2:56pm on April 28, 2009, adem medina cardona said…
it shall be done
At 10:19pm on April 20, 2009, Rixturey said…
Dear Miguel,

As usual thank you for your presence and spirit during my art exhibit reception. It was a joy to see you and Marie and "meet" your wife again!

I'm glad to hear that you got home safe and sound!

Please keep in touch.

Gina RixTurey
At 7:48pm on April 20, 2009, Priscilla (Pbutter72) said…
Tau Brother!

It was a Grand time-- the ArtShow sounded fun too, the Artwork looks great!
We shall meet in person soon!

Til then,
At 12:46am on April 17, 2009, Caracoli said…
Bibi Atabey - Mother Atabey

Atte itabo era - Mother of Waters

Coaiba Mamona - Heavenly Mother of the Moon

Aturo aya Guakia Itiba Cahubaba - Sister of our Ancient Bleeding Mother

Acona Guakia Arawaka - Hear our Sacred People

Yemao Guakia Waili - Protect our Children

Waka Yari - Our Precious Jewels

Busica Guakia Ketauri - Give us Life

Inaru Matum - Generous Woman

Busica Guakia Ahia Hu De - Give us your Blessing

Tai Ku Buya Han Han - Good Spirit Yes

Nabori Daca - I am your servant

Han Han Katu - So Be It
At 12:18am on April 14, 2009, DFigueroa said…
Gracias Miguel por invitarme a ser partícipe de una nueva amistad. En Horabuena Guaitiao, en Horabuena...

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