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Hey Oracledruid you are there in arecibo any info on loíza? I need it for a report.


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Comment by Oracle Druid on March 4, 2024 at 6:11pm
Loíza is a Spanaird curruption of her name. It has no meaning in this transformation. Her true name is Yuisa and is a beautiful name. The name Yuisa is made of affixes. [Yu] to a regular person thinks is white. Yuisa was a leader chosen by the people of the local area. There was a small tribal settlement Yukayeke. We give our leaders we love names to show affection toward them when they are good. I will break the name down for you. To understand we must travel in time to that period. They lived in huts, and at that time no doors existed and people walked in and out freely. We now can eliminate that [Yu] is not the color white. In Arawak, it means [People-Gente]. Now I will take you to [i] in her name. She was a leader who led her people like men in peace and [i] exactly means [like=como]. [i] is used in words like [Iguana] whose meaning is [like a palm leaf] [i] is used in squeeze referencing a [Iboa] to squeeze like a snake. Notice where the [i] sits in "Squeeze papaya".=Papayaiboa. We now go to the ending word of the Great Cheif Yuisa of Boríke. She stood for her people in a world ruled by men and the people followed. The affix [sa] stands for the word: way, door, portal door, which makes Yuisa: "The people's way" The meaning in Spanish is: "El Camino del Pueblo" = [Yu=gente/people] [i=como-like] [sa=puerta o camino/door or way]. Because of the Spanish trying to erase these names they lose their meaning and the new generation of people will never learn the beauty that these names carry. I hope this gives you knowledge. [Tiao, D'anáma shika b'arñkeñita ka. = Friend, I hope this gives you knowledge.]

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