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The Taino Ancestral Spirit flows through all Tainos, "La sangre llama" Its in every Taino who inquires about there familys, in every Taino who wants to connect with there people. The Ancestral Spirit will not be denied, it finds a way to bring us back home.

The Ancestral Spirit can root itself anywhere. In our out of our Homelands. It found a home in a place blosoming with multicultural activity. A place called New York City.

All of us owe a eternal debt of gratitude directly or indirectly to the Cacibajagua of all Taino Groups The Assosacion Indigena Taina. Many of us were walking around identifying as Tainos as told to us from our familys but the Assosacion was the first place that Tainos from the diaspora could call their home (Bohio) and expouse their Tainoness.

A place where Tainos could brainstorm, cultivate friendships and be one with each other. They would meet at La Casa de la Herencia Puertorriquena and the Lower East Side. The Ancestral Spirit does not disappear when groups break up. The Assosacion gave birth to many Taino yucayekes that still exist today. Their story should be told so that the people will know. I was not there to witness the goings on so for the time being I leave that for those who were there.

The Ancestral Spirit will always be there for Tainos no matter what happens to this resurgance. It flows everywhere we go. It is there for all Tainos who are geographically isolated. It is there for all the Tainos that are at sleep. It awaits and is there to reawaken all who call for it.

nabori daca Taino


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Then why don't those Taino invent a time machine

I think this convo is starting to degress
Here go's I'll take the bait

The resurgence continues after the colonization

The resurgence is our Jibaro ancestors

500 years of Tainos Experience

Why promote Indian Stereotypes ?
go live in a bohio and use a letrina lol

I think not
You know bro go read Cultural dissonance by Nanu

You seem to learn very slowly

The Tainos continued to live on remember ?

they became the Jibaro

Like many Other tribes that are campesino

now if you REALLY feel that way since you're Christian

Start wearing robes and whatever else Jesus & Moses wore

Will you do that?

Why not live as they live ?

Cmon bro I think it would look good on You

That's silly right ?

get my point ?

I got to go this lesson is over
and you have to realize that the images that you are taking actually are not about resurgence at all, you are using pictures that are well known to tainos who have been in the resurgence for a long time, these pictures that you are taking come form plays, reenactment, staged culture, and fake reality. These same people also put on Asian long black wigs. In the name of persevering the culture they also have been known to deny "white" or "black" looking taino people access into "presentations". I know of one woman in these reenactment groups that denied her one daughter a part in the reenactment because her daughter had red hair and was too "white".
you don't get it they get paid for putting on historical reenactments, they cant leave that look or they lose money! there fore it is not a resurgence movement, it is paid theater. Taino reenactment in pr is a huge money maker. And guess what they do once the event is over. They stop acting. Some however have manged to capture the youths eye and maintain a community in order to have a readily available supply of of cheap workers/dancers for the reenactment. Groups fight each other over money in pr and it even is labeled as "wars" when another reenacting group comes on the scene and threatens the money.

Taino Regalia created 15 yrs ago thanks to Matilde Perez's book written in the 1930's

you got your religion from a book
all the events i have mentioned occurred in pr
lol of course not, modern regalia would never come out of pr just like the native identity, nation building, affirmation, Indian reality, and continuity it wasn't until after the movement in the states that pr tainos started identifying as tainos instead of Indian hobbyist, in fact many of the groups you are posing as authentic have been stating that they were Indian hobbyist up until 1996


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