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I would like to extend a warm Hahom (Thank you) and appreciation to Sobaoko Koromo for his initiative in supporting all who represent the Taino cause.

As our Taino bretheren organize events for the better good of our community you will always find Miguel there supporting these important initiatives.

A Taino Areito, A solstice, Pow Wow, Sacred Walk or a death of a community member Sobaoko is always there

Sobaoko lives in Pitttsburgh, Pa. and that is a full eight hours away from NYC but that doesn't deter him from being there for his people lending his support and immense talent.

I have personally seen Miguel reach out to reconciliate with the people and that is worthy of praise and respect for him by all Tainos.
I have not always agreed with this wise brother but I have nothing but the greatest respect for Sobako Koromo fast becoming the Beike of the people.

Sobaoko one day I'm gonna have to nail you down since you are always on the move and have a long chat about our glorius resurgence.

nabori daca


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Caracoli, I wholeheartedly concur with your analysis of Bo Miguel's dedication to our people.Han Han, Rose Xochitl Ana O

Tiao, I concur with you. I have never heard Bo Migueal say anything contrary about  the different branches of our Taino people. On the contrary, at all ceremonies and his writings, he exhorts us to be kind, accepting, loving, and open to others' thoughts and opinions. It takes a great and humble person  to listen to others' opinions. We are one people with different thoughts of how and where to go with our resurgence. But we must go forward. As  Bo Miguel exemplifies, we must listen to the ancestors, not our egos( we already know where they want to go!). We need to be  about our people, always thinking of what's the best efficacious avenue for the good  of our  First Peoples Nation.

Oma'bahari, Seneko Kakona.

Beike,Rose Xochitl AnaO Quinones DelValle

Caracoli,  your words said it all.  Beike is a Taino man to be respected for his works in the community & else wear.

He is a man of  Spirituality, skill & patience.  He took on a major job when he created this network where we can learn & interact with each other.  And I am grateful.  Taino Ti  Kokuyo 

 I agree with you Caracoli. He is very helpful and many ways.


He has extended himself in times of need,beyond what my experience is the"norm"-it is true that Miguel Sobaoko Koromo is a Beike of the people,he lives to serve the people and the Taino cause. I won;t get into the details here,but he has gone way beyond the "call of duty"to help a brother or a sister out! I'm CERTAIN that Yaya-Guaturey and the ancestors stand behind this man,that through him,great things have,and will continue to be done for our people-and really,all people are benefited as his behavior is of universal /Global value.

I agree with all of my heart. His commitment to our people has gone above and beyond. I am honored and humbled to call him my friend and brother. Seneka Kakona


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