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Yes, tis I the newcomer LOL :) I'm just feel a little lost in these boards and I was hoping someone could give me a quick history lesson. I've been reading up on the History of The Dominican Republic for personal enjoyment. I know about the Tainos and the Caribs, and that there was a group of migrators before the Taino but I cannot remember their names right now. Anyway I keep seeing the term Mongolian and Ameridian, ect, and wanted to know if someone could explain things to me a bit? Also, don't take this offensively in any type of way, I am only curious as to understand how a person from Latin America would condsider themselves indigenous instead of Hispanic or Latino? i notice some members on her dislike thos two words, and I guess I am just wondering why, whereas my family would call themselves that. And how would one go about finding out if they have indigenous in them? Thanks everyone in advance!

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Tall order.

Hispanic was a word created by the USA in the mid 60's. It is based on liguestic and not race. But has time has gone now many people have confused it for race. In what is called latin american you have people who have no admixture and are diffrent races but because they speak spanish they are consider hispanic. It like calling you, martin luther king (african) Eric shwarts (native american) Bruce lee (chinese born in the usa) all britanic. Because they all speak english and were born in what is now called USA. Hispanic also now means people and culture and thing of spain. Many of us dont even have spanirod admixture.

Latino came out of the latin language. Then it ment something negative and it was givin to us. But the real latinos are the european and the eurpeans deccendant living in the american continent.

The study of anthropolgy breaks race into 3 races caucsoid, negroid and mongloid. Some times you will see a diffrent catogorie called austroloid. Each of these races has a subtype and subtypes to these subtypes. Monglioid race has asian and native american as a subtype.
Actutally my parents passport in the mid 60's use to say indio (indian) but now it says hispanic. Hispanic is not even based on anthropolgy.
NOT ALL!!! I can show you some of my relatives who's roots are from SPAIN and their traits show that they are NORSE!!! In other words, Spaniards are NOT uni-Racial nor Uni Lineal!!! No doubt about the Moors history in the Iberian Peninsula, but understand that that NEVER turned the Iberian peninsula as "One Bloodline". Remember that a GREAT DEAL of Europe had been dominated by the NORSE PEOPLE (Vikings). Today, just as in the early 1400's there were those of African, Mediterranian, Jewish, and Norse people who were there before the conquest of the Moors!!! They NEVER exterminated the NON-ARABIC/AFRICAN people, because, just as they did in the Americas, they protected themselves by NOT revealing fully what they all were!!! This is common all over the planet!!! Spaniard can be Mediterranian, Arabic, Jewish, African, and even Norse (WHITES WHO ARE WHITE/NORDIC [LIGHT SKINNED, LIGHT HAIRED, BLUE EYED] Like many of my present day relatives!!! Samuel, please understand that Spaniards are NOT only Mediterranian!!! There is NO SUCH THING as MEDITERRANIAN RACE!!!
I have always known of my indigenous ancestory so it was easy for me. But studying anthropolgy is a good start.
Samule. Right now danille is new to this topic. So I dont want to bombard her with all the detials, subtypes and subtypes of all the races. I mean I didnt even explain what a austroliod is.
Cool my brother. After I hit the add reply. I thought to myself I might have been rude.

You and I have alot more knowlege than she does. So it will be a bit hard for her to understand. Pluss even if many of us dont know we are tiano we still now many aspect of our tainoness.

Thanx brother.
Ok after the video and this I am a little more confused! So if I say something totally offbase and untrue, let m eknow! I deff, understand what you mean about the whole hispanic and latino thing, because that was just based on language. And I know that a country such as DR (talking from colonial times) were Taino (whatever indigenious people they were made up of), Spanish and African from the slaves that were brought over. But let's use my husband as an example. He is from the Dominican Republic. His mother has always said her family is from Spain and he has an uncle who is as white as me with blue eyes, but I have met her mother and she looks VERY indigenous to me. Then we have my husband's father's side. My husband's grandmother's mother is from Haiti, and I don't know about her father. My husband's grandfather is "Dominican", but was very dark (my father in law is very dark too), and I saw a painting of his mother and she looked very indigenous also.So how can my husband ever really break down what he is? How do we know whether he is indigenous or not? They also all come from Montecristi which is right next to the border of Haiti. My husband doesnt deny he has African roots somewhere (although a lot of Dominicans will). Looking at my husband would you be able to tell?
My Husband->

My Mother In Law->

My father In Law->

What confused you about the clip?

Many dominican base that comment that they are from spain cause of surnames. The king of spain fernanad need the indians and later the african to be censored. So the spaniords gave the indians they owned there surnames. Later it was done to the africans. This template was used many time by the dutch, french, portugual and by the brits.
So having a spanish lastname unless his family spaniord admxiture is recent means nothing.

You know many african american from the USA clammed to have amerdian ancestory. But 1 our of 20 actually did. Even though they use to say that they grandma look indian. But it ended up grandma was actually half white and half black. I am not saying this is the case in your husband. But dna test confirms that in dominican rep only 15% of the populatin has taino ancestory. This is very low compare to PR. DNA strand also confirm that taino in kiskeya were unmixed untill recently.

Unless I saw your husband in person I could be accurate. I would only base it in the very little knowlege of anthropogly that I know. But with that said. I have met taino that you would think are black. And I seen amerdian traits same for the white puerto rican looking ones.
LOL what is Amerindianand? i know I'm clueless guys! Thanks for your help! :)
amerdian. American=indian. Amerdian, LOL A diffent way of saying native american.

Again I would not be able to tell you with accuracy. But I agree the mother does have ameridan traits. As for the father who know. He may or may not. I cant answer that acurately. Basiing on complextin is not a good indicator. For all whe know he could be 50/50. But with that said I basing only on the pictures I just see it on the mom
SO I was right about my MIL looking indigenous?


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