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Yes, tis I the newcomer LOL :) I'm just feel a little lost in these boards and I was hoping someone could give me a quick history lesson. I've been reading up on the History of The Dominican Republic for personal enjoyment. I know about the Tainos and the Caribs, and that there was a group of migrators before the Taino but I cannot remember their names right now. Anyway I keep seeing the term Mongolian and Ameridian, ect, and wanted to know if someone could explain things to me a bit? Also, don't take this offensively in any type of way, I am only curious as to understand how a person from Latin America would condsider themselves indigenous instead of Hispanic or Latino? i notice some members on her dislike thos two words, and I guess I am just wondering why, whereas my family would call themselves that. And how would one go about finding out if they have indigenous in them? Thanks everyone in advance!

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I would say yes. But only basing it on looks. Which again is not a good indicator. Many folk dont fit the sterotypycal indain look and can be indians. Example. Chuck noris is 50% cherokke and 50% irish. See my point. To me he looks straight up irish. You mother law looks alot more indian than chuck.
LOL So you think someone in her family has been in D.R. for a loooong time? LOL
What do you mean?
Actually any feature that I see is only on your mother in law based on these pictures. I dont see traits on the other two pictures.
I mean does Amerindian mean Taino/Indegenous? Do you think someone in her family has been in DR long before the Europeans arrived?
Oh I see where you are confused.

Native american, american indian, amerdians, idigenous are the same thing.

Cherokee, inuet, taino, carib, mayan, inca, navajo are all indians. The are pre columbus people the orignal people of this continent. We the taino and caribs that you are talking to via these post are deccendants of these people. We are ameridian, native americans, indigenous etc etc

I hope that clarify.

The problem is that you probably are under the impression like everybody else that the border of the USA is the start and end of this continent. It not your foult this is what many people belive. But all indigneous people of this continent are related. We are but one family.
Yes my father in law is very dark, but it is weird how his 2 brothers are not....I think he gets that from his mother's mother who was from Haiti. But, his father's mother had very strong indigenous features, much like my mother in laws. Is there any way to go about truely finding out? How did the two of you figure yourselves out?

By the way you two are really intelligent and thank you for your opinions.
LOL I don't see any Spanish in this woman all I see in Indigenous! I don;t care what they think! LOL

Thanks for all the info tonight you guys have helped clear up a lot for me :)
Weireed I just notice the picture you put up. Yes she does have feature. Doesnt matter if she is 50%, 25% or whatever. She does seem to have amerdian ancestory. But again that is only baseing it on looks.
If you are willing to invest about $100, National Geographic does a sort of basic DNA testing that gives you the origin of your mitochondrial DNA which I think you can only trace through the females in the family, but that is how my family confirmed that we were of Taino/Indigenous decent. Meaning that my grandmother (my father's mother) who was born in Cuba, has Taino blood, as did her mother, and her mother's mother, and so forth, for many generations. They were (and are) indigenous to the island.

By the way, my opinion is that the woman in the picture is VERY "indigenous-looking", but of course that's just going by face value.
Thanks Ivy and Ruben. I think I'm going to look into that DNA testing if my mother in law will agree to it. I have always thought she looked very indigenous and her mother even more.
Ruben, the baby she is holding is my son Mateo! I always felt that he resembled my mother in law in ways that even my husband doesnt. Granted, he is a mixture of me also, so he isnt her twin but especially when he was first born. My husband doesnt really care about stuff like this, but for my son I would really like to find out if there is indigenous descent.
Thanks everyone :)

P.S.-May I ask you all what it is when you look at a face or bone structure that makes you think they have indigenous blood in them?
The test that ivy mentioned only traces the mitochronal gene. That means that if the linage is broken it will not show up. In her father case the linage was not broken. The part from cuba that her father mom is from I am pretty sure they were unmixed.

So if you have her take the test and nothing shows up it doesnt mean that she doesnt have native ancestory.

There are dna admixture test. This basically tells you everything that she should have. But a good dna admixture test could be up in the thousands. I am talking about a tets that can actually test for over 10,ooo markers. There are some dna admixture test that cost about 200 or 300 bucks. But they only check for 150 or 200 markers. So she may get false postives. Meaning she may get more african and white and native american or vice a versa.



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