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Yes, tis I the newcomer LOL :) I'm just feel a little lost in these boards and I was hoping someone could give me a quick history lesson. I've been reading up on the History of The Dominican Republic for personal enjoyment. I know about the Tainos and the Caribs, and that there was a group of migrators before the Taino but I cannot remember their names right now. Anyway I keep seeing the term Mongolian and Ameridian, ect, and wanted to know if someone could explain things to me a bit? Also, don't take this offensively in any type of way, I am only curious as to understand how a person from Latin America would condsider themselves indigenous instead of Hispanic or Latino? i notice some members on her dislike thos two words, and I guess I am just wondering why, whereas my family would call themselves that. And how would one go about finding out if they have indigenous in them? Thanks everyone in advance!

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Ivy you guys wasted your money. I could have told you your dad was of amerdian ancestory. He actually looks like some north american indians that I have seen. He has got very strong amerdian face.
lol Yeah we always kinda knew there was Taino blood there but I guess my dad wanted to really confirm it on paper. And I agree, he does look like some of the North American Indians, but he gets people that tell him he looks everything from Italian to Greek and everything in between! lol His father on the other hand, was also born in Cuba but his grandfather was born in the Canary Islands so that mixes things up a bit. But one day I would like to get a more in-depth test that shows everything, not just the mitochondrial DNA. It would be interesting to see what percentage of African, Spanish, Taino, etc. etc. and to see how far back they can go.
be careful with ¨¨looking Indian¨¨
it can have little to do with identifying with or actually being of indigenous descent
I can identify with Carrie in the fact that you have to be careful about :Looking Indian". To hell with the percentage!!! If you don't know it yet, and you want to find out, DO SO!!! If not, ask the family elders about the family history, and I guarantee you that they WILL give you mmore than you ever thought of. WHY??? Maybe they have NEVER been asked!!! Ask them about "Abuela". Ask them about "ABUELO". Ask them about their "ABUELOS/ABUELAS". They may look surprised, and even if they are a little reluctanct, they will sooner or later answer your question, guaranteed!!! Just for kicks and giggles, let me ask you: After looking at my page and my pics; Any doubts about me being Native???
Danielle; before it becomes another controversial topic, please look at ALL the pics I've posted, and tell me if you see something in common. You know I'm here for you and your family. No controversy will confuse nor difuse what I want you to see when Native topics are concerned, and you know that!!!
Long ago, in the foothills of the Andes, there was a group of people known as the Collas or Collanos. They began to migrate. Those that went up the Andes are the ones that later created the Inca Empire. The othes went along the lands of the Tupi and Guarani people and continued a northerly passage through the Amazon and up to the northern part of South America. Along the way, their ways were influenced by the people of the regions they encountered, including the mainland Arawaks. From the Orinoco River they went up the island chain of the Lesser Antilles at the same time that a goup of people reffered to as Arcaicos were coming down from present day Florida through the Bimini Chain of the Bahamas. They "Merged" in the Greater Antilles, later becoming what was to be known as the Igneri or Eyeri, later on evolving into what became the Taino. The mainland Caribs also came up the island chain of the Lesser Antilles and tried to get a foothold into the Greater Antilles, but didn't. They did live in parts of Boriken as well as Kiskeya, and in Kiskeya, Tainos mixed with Caribs were also known as Ciguayos. This is a very short and simplified quick history lesson as you requested. Hope it helps!!!


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