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Guyana Police batters Indigenous Family on their Traditional Land... mining is now a problem to indigenous peoples in Guyana.

Halakoba All

Please have a look and support our indigenous people who still have to fight for the right

to traditional lands. History sure repeats itself and we have to fight to put an end to abuse of indigenous peoples. 

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It is shameful that in this day and age of international recognition for the rights of Indigenous people all over the world, Guyana (who is an active participant in several UN-sponsored Indigenous rights initiatives) still takes this confrontational attitude towards its Native people!

This is a very shocking video! I have shared to all of my contacts in facebook. Thank you sister for posting it here.

Hahom [Thank you], Claudette, for posting and hahom, Miguel, for sharing.  This is absolutely shameful!  In this day and age, with the international recognition for the rights of Indigenous Peoples all over the world complete with a Declaration on the Rights of Indigenous Peoples endorsed by many countries (including Guyana), it is disgraceful that Guyana still takes this kind of confrontation attitude towards its Indigenous people.  Even more appalling is the brutal treatment of an Indigenous mother and her child.  This has to stop!  We pray to the Creator and the Ancestors that the people with the power to stop this will take action to do so immediately, and we pray that the Creator and the Ancestors will Bless, Guide, Heal, Protect and Sustain our Sisters and Brothers, now and always...

Jan Jan Katu sister!!

Thanks Miguel for sharing the video and thanks Joanna for your prayers. As indigenous people, if we are not active in defending ourselves, then as history taught us we have a lot to lose: our lands, language and religious practices.

We must be practical. We have to examine whether  acts, rules and regulations are working within our interest. We must examine whether such resolutions as the United Nations Declaration on the Rights of Indigenous Peoples just temper the situation but eventually, the few who are intent on raping the land, in order to line their pockets and get power which would be used against us, will get their way anyhow. This would only continue the cycle of abuse to us as indigenous peoples. 

WE have to break the cycle.

 The only way is to do this, is to come together and practise what our ancestors taught us. They taught us to protect our Mother Earth and work in the interest of all who honour her. 

We do not have to look far. It is obvious from the video those who do and those who don't.

We must support our indigenous people and those with like purpose.

How do we support each other?  Let us educate ourselves and our young ones concerning the wisdom of our ancestors. 

Taki (Lokono Thanks) Dousabo (Lokono bye)

Jan Jan Katu, itou [Amen, sister]!  With guidance from the Great Spirit, we have to break the cycle and be the change we envision for ourselves and future generations.  We must be practical and take action.  We must defend ourselves.  If we don't, then who will?  This is why we must support and help each other, and protect and care-take our Mother Earth.  Education and the practice, and passing down, of our culture, traditions and the wisdom of our Ancestors are of vital importance. Everyone must do their part. 

May the Creator and the Ancestors Bless, Guide, Heal, Protect, Strengthen, and Sustain us all, now and always...

Hahom [Taki]... Seneko Kakona [Abundant Blessings]...


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