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Native Circle


Mistakes, Lies & Misconceptions
about American Indian people

Some everyday myths about Indians

"Indians are hot tempered" - MYTH

"Indian men can't grow facial hair" - MYTH

"Indians get drunk or become alcoholics easier than non-Indians" - MYTH

"Indians all get money from a casino or the U.S. Government" - MYTH

"Indians can't cry" - MYTH

"Indians all had brown eyes and straight, black hair" - MYTH

"Indians are lazy" - MYTH

Common Misconceptions Dispelled (Tongue-in-cheek on some topics)

All Indians did not live in tipis, wear headdresses, and hunt buffalo.

Modern Indians do not live in tipis, wear headdresses & hunt buffalo.

The only thing ever smoked in a traditional pipe was sacred tobacco.

There was no such thing as a 'smoke-signal'.

"How" (with hand raised), is not the real way Indians say hello.

Real Indians cannot jump into a fire and not get scorched.

Some Indians can actually grow a full beard.

Some Indians do not have 'high cheekbones'.

"Woo woo woo" (with hand over mouth) is hollywood fantasy.

Real Indians can't dive off a 500 ft cliff and live, like 'Poca-haunt-us'.

"Me biggum Chief" is not a real Indian dialect.

Most Indians are not 'Chiefs'.

Not all Chiefs were/are men.

There was no such thing as a 'Chief', ever.

Real Indian spirituality is not 'magic'.

There was no such thing as an "Indian Princess"

Not all Indians had/have long hair.

Traditional Indian people do/did not worship animals, trees or rocks.

by John 2 Hawks

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Bomatum John 2 Hawks
mitakuye oyasin

we are all related
It's scary to think that people actually believed and continue to believe these ridiculous myths.
Scary but true!!! BTW, following past threads, I'd like to congratulate you on your latest "Bundle of Joy"!!! I also see that you're a peace loving person and I like that. I am the same way. I only raise my warriors feathers and MAKANA when I feel I have to and when I do, I do so in honor of my people and for the right reason. I share and partake in peace, and as a warrior, I learned from the best; My Father!!! When I have to stand up to anything or anyone, my weapon works mentally, spiritually, emotionally, intellectually, and as a last resort, physically, and I WON'T LOSE!!!!!!!!!!

I am glad to see and meet someone of your kind nature and I sincerely say to you; W'AMORETE BUKIA TAU'HIAKA, BUKIA BOHIO, O BUSIKA BUKIA TAI NIKKI O HUBA NICHI, DA TIAO!!! (May our Creator bless you, your home, and grant you good spirits and a strong heart, my sister!!!) With much respect----Kutubanama
Thank you very much, Kutubanama. I appreciate your kind words and blessings to you and your family as well :)

My dear friend. You say that is not so in PR, only in the US Let me bring you a liitle bit up to speed. While I was born in NY, my childhood was in PR and I was raised the rest of the way here in the US. Working with the airlines has given me the oipportunity to travel quite frequently to Boriken (PR to you) no less than an average of 5-7 times a year!!! I stay with friends and family, not tourist hotels, and I have driven practically 85% of the 3,500 square miles that is my beloved Boriken. Besides having put up with the ignorance of the above mentioned "myths" here in the US, guess what?!?! I've had to put up with the same crap there in Boriken (PR) from a great deal of people. Instead of identifying yourself as "Mixed blood", while you're there in Boriken (PR), identify yourself as "Indio" and tell me your experience as you go throughout the island identifying yourself as such. You'll see that this is not limited to the US. Any doubts??? I'll be more than happy to catch up with you and my brother Kacian, take you around with us and YOU tell us if it's only a US thing!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
There are more myths than these. What about the onloy european lanaguges indians speak is english.

Cause if we speak, spanish, portoguese or french. Well we must be mixed.

Men not growing body hair is another myth. This one I actually belive for a while.


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