womens park permit 2023

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registration form art all night Pittsburgh

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Heya Caracoli!

What wonderdul artwork!! I love it!

And what's more, I love what you have done by encouraging the arts among us and making our place known in the arts. You're work is to be encouraged an commended.

I do have a couple of questions though:

There are a variety of pictures there, some are artistic, but many are political and others of events. I'd love to know what was happening at the time.

And why not post the photos here instead of sending folks to your site?
I understand that there are requirements to join your site (or there were when you first put it together) and some may not meet them...

I do hope you post the photos here so we may all learn about them. :0)

Taino Ti Nanu & My Taino Family

I can post here too just give me some time I'm exhausted lol, I will represent a facet of this resurgence movement which has been ignored for some time which is the arts. I will display anyones art no matter what Taino affiliation and I call on all Taino to support what we do with our hands which is an extension of our undying love for our people and heritage. Its like the ancestor within is guiding what we do and I would not want to do anything else.

The Expo is a collaboration with District Council 37 Puerto Rican Heritage Committee and they wanted to give tribute to our Boricua patriot Lolita Lebron. There is also a display from the Caribbean Cultural Center which i think is being installed today so I will have more pics to post.

My Taino people hear me, these things happen with alot of sacrifices from the artist. They don't happen every day. We need alot of cooperation from gallerys to make this happen. Its Your culture and heritage, please support it defend it and pass it on to your children.

Thank you Nanu Inarumatum

Taino Ti

Notice that it is the women in these pictures that are all volunteers. They stand up for whats important and without women we would be nothing

Caracoli, I wasn't aware that you were so busy. Post the info when you get the chance... no hurry. :)

As for the women... yes, my friend. It is the women who are the mothers of culture. Thanks for representing and pointing that out.

Creator bless and guide your steps...

All Thanks to Attabeira


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