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The Warriors' Philosophy

Warriors' Advantage:
The warriors' advantage is they notice everything, The warriors' awareness is their advantage. The warriors' advantage is that they restrain their self importance with the knowledge that reality is an interpretation that we make.

Warriors' Attributes:
Control, Discipline, Forbearance, Timing, and Will.

Warriors' Behavior:
The Warriors' behavior is dictated by only one thing and that is impeccability; warriors do no act for profit or reward they act for the spirit.

Warriors' Change:
Warriors know that in order to follow the path of knowledge it is necessary to change. Warriors must transform themselves, they must reorder the island of the tonal, they must change their perspective regarding their individual sense of self.

Warriors' Concern:
Warriors know that they must re-channel the energy normally consumed by Self-Importance so they can use it to face the unknown.

Warriors' Confusion:
Warriors know that confusion is only a mood, the resolution of this confused state is a matter of the Warriors impeccability.

Warriors' Convincing:
Warriors know that one of the most difficult aspects of the path of knowledge is simply convincing ourselves that we have unlimited hidden power; man tends to be dependent, we must be convinced that we can accomplish the impossible ourselves.

Warriors' Death:
Warriors know they must die a symbolic death; this symbolic dying is the Warriors ticket to impeccability.

Warriors Defend nothing:
Warriors know that it is only the reason that feels the need to defend anything: as luminous beings warriors know that they have nothing to defend and that even the truth requires no defense.

Warriors are never desperate:
Warriors know that to worry is to become unwittingly accessible; once warriors begin to worry, they cling to anything out of desperation and that clinging exhausts them and whatever they are clinging to.

Warriors' Disposition:
Warriors know they must cultivate a light and amenable disposition if they
are to withstand the impact of the path of knowledge.

Warriors' Duty:
Warriors have their duty as warriors and nothing else is important; the warriors' duty is the impeccable quest for freedom.

Warriors' Emphasis:
The warriors' emphasis is the way warriors prioritize the items on the
island of the tonal; the key to the warriors’ choices; warriors can make themselves miserable or they can make themselves strong; either way the amount of work is the same, so the key lies in what one emphasizes; if the warrior can benefit from anything , it is not from methods but from a change of emphasis; if we become aware of the need to curtail our self-importance then that help is real.

Warriors' Energy:
Warriors know that when they curtail self-importance, the energy which self-importance normally consumes is no longer expended; this increased energy then becomes the springboard which launches the warriors’ assemblage point on an incredible journey.

Warriors' Equality:
Warriors know that there is no absolute difference between any two persons; some individuals have simply learned to follow the designs of spirit while others have not.

Warriors' Experience:
Warriors know that the experience of experiences is being a warrior, that what counts is being alive; warriors know that life in itself is sufficient., self-explanatory and complete.

Warriors' Sobriety:
The warriors sobriety is the warriors’ internal strength, a sense of equanimity, a feeling of being at ease; sobriety is a profound bent for examination and understanding; sobriety is ruthlessness, the opposite of self-pity and self-importance; sobriety is a position of the assemblage point.

The Dispassionate Warrior:
Warriors know they must learn to become dispassionate, they have no business following the ups and downs of the world of every day life. The warriors' formlessness and completeness facilitate the ability to remain dispassionate as they function in the world but not of it.

Author Unknown to me

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Thanks for the post. This sounds very much like the words of Don Juan Matus, the teacher of Carlos Castaneda.
I think that you might be right. I believe that it could be him that wrote this. Thank you.
Bear Warrior


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