Tony Wolf Paw...Uncensored! The Talk Show, Invites you for a live chat, every first Friday of Month 4 to 9pm Mountain Time

Every first Friday of Month your Invited to participate

Tony Wolf Paw...Uncensored

a Native American Talk Show performed live on Stage
Motivational Speech with a touch of humor...
listen to exclusive interviews... and my chats on Facebook goes live...
we share your postings with our audience... Giant Screen and Monitors

on Facebook: Tony Wolf Paw's...Taino Indians Uncensored News
or text me 1-915-740-3119

One of South West most talked about shows
is now performed live on Stage!

Our Kick Off Question: Do you think Taino Indians qualify for BIA Federal Programs? And why?

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The Answers left on this page will be read on stage... please invite others.


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