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Want to build a strong Taino connection in Haiti. Want to meet with Taino in Puerto Rico in June

Greetings. I am Greg Cronin from Colorado, but I also live in Haiti about 4 months a year. I am not indigenous to America, but I partner with many Native Americans in Colorado to involve indigenous values, knowledge, and practice to land stewardship, through Woodbine Ecology Center. I want to do the same thing in Haiti, and hope to connect with Taino who would be interested in doing this in Haiti.

    There is an opportunity to begin discussions this June in San Juan, Puerto Rico, at the International Interdisciplinary Conference on the Environment, held June 11-14. (  



PS. You can see some of the work I do in Haiti here: I am proud that our NGO is majority Haitian. 

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Greetings brother....I wonder if we could chat about this subject on the phone. I will send you a private message here in INDIGENOUS CARIBBEAN NETWORK with my telephone number. I hope to hear from you soon

We will be meeting to discuss Decolonization in Puerto Rico, June 11-14. We hope to see you there, and please share this information with your family, friends, and community. Details are here, and information will be updated as we get closer to the conference date. One of our goals is to promote partnership between Taino and Haitians. Yon Sel Lanmou (One Love)

How do you want to make the Taino reconnection in Haiti ?

Greg has invited people from other countries of the Caribbean who are active in the Taino Resurgence Movement to Haiti to meet and collaborate with Haitians who are interested in applying Indigenous environmental principles to help in the recovery of Haiti's ecology. He is a professional ecologist from the University of Colorado who has committed himself to the mission of working with Haitians in the task of raising the level of quality of Haiti's environment higher and higher.

Greeting Garald, and thanks for the reply Miguel,

   When I made this initial post, I was hoping to connect with Taino who were interested in building a stronger Taino connection in Haiti. I am fortunate to have met Miguel and many of his brothers and sisters of the Caney Indigenous Spiritual Circle. I don't want to "make" anything happen - that is the attitude of a colonizer to force things. I want to make introductions, build communities, share song, food, dance, and ceremony, and watch beautiful things unfold. So far these wants have been met and surpassed.

    What part of Haiti are you in? You are invited to our Full Moon Ceremony on July 16, being held at Vilaj Mozayik near Hinche, Haiti. I hope you can make it.

Yon Sel Lanmou and Seneko Kakona,



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