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Here is a list of movies I have seen and heard suggested, feel free to add to it :) :

Man Called Horse (series) I,II
Little Big Man
Powwow Highway
The Fast Runner
Dance Me Outside
Smoke Signals
Grand Avenue
Edge of America
Dances with Wolves

This is by no means exhaustive... please add on and we can decide which we will watch first :)

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By the way, would you be interested in including tv series as well?

Hmmm- I guess so since the PBS special is a tv series-right?

I was thinking about the series Northern Lights.

Lakota Woman
Yea if we can find them on DVD...
I also will try to note the ones that made it to dvd but not to the screen or tv
Irene Bedard played in a couple of B-C-D movies that are in the book store called Talking leaves in Cherokee, N.C. I will check with Marion Wolf up there and she can let me know of any that we never even heard of...
Two Rivers
Last of His Tribe
Edge of America
Four Sheet to the Wind
Doe Boy
Johnny Grey Eyes
A Thief of Time
Spirit Rider
Rain in the Mountains
Christmas in the Clouds
Sioux City
Incident at Oglala
The Last Mohican
I think we have plenty to start with... now the question: where do we start?
Hi Everyone let start at the top... sometime over the next week for those of us who can watch A Man called Horse....
Everyone who can join have today Feb 6 thru the 15, to see this movie if they can... or we can do Little Big Man
Let us know which one first... and then make a suggestion for the next one...
Or we may want to go with a new movie first.

Like Smoke Signals
How about movies in Spanish that we can hunt down? There are some that are done in Nahuatl, Zapotec and other languages.

I found "Eréndira Ikikunari, La Conquista desde la visón de los indígenas" and is a reflection of the role of the Mexican woman in history and is based on a Perepucha legend. From January 13 - February 10 there will be the Indigenous Film Festival "Tribal" organized by ONG Cives Mundi in Soria, Spain, that has listed movies from indigenous peoples from around the world.

If we support these ventures, more of them can be made.
This is true. Supporting these films and organizations does promote it, it makes sense. I think we also learn something a bit closer to what is caribbean as well.

How do we do this though? How do we get a hold of these films?
Google the Movie and you will find sites that sell it
Usually that is what I do, however I didn't have a title to google...

Now I have two!


By the way, ray, did you see my latest beadwork?
There's a wonderfull movie along those lines called

Cabeza de Vaca

An international award winning saga of old Mexico. In 1528, a Spanish expedition founders off the coast of Florida with 600 lives lost. One survivor, Alvar Nunez Cabeza de Vaca, roams across the American continent searching for his Spanish comrades. Instead, he discovers the Iguase, an ancient Indian tribe. Over the next eight years, Cabeza de Vaca learns their mystical and mysterious culture, becoming a healer and a leader. But soon this New World collides with the Old World as Spanish conquistadors seek to enslave the Indians, and Cabeza de Vaca must confront his own people and his past.
works for me but remember not all of us speak or understand spanish if it has subtitles this would be great....
but lets start one in english that is avaiable now... Make your suggestion on what to watch first then start on the week you want to start with watching the movie
I vote either a Man called Horse or Smoke Signal



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Angel Rodriguez Caguana archeoastronomy

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