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Here is a list of movies I have seen and heard suggested, feel free to add to it :) :

Man Called Horse (series) I,II
Little Big Man
Powwow Highway
The Fast Runner
Dance Me Outside
Smoke Signals
Grand Avenue
Edge of America
Dances with Wolves

This is by no means exhaustive... please add on and we can decide which we will watch first :)

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Yes Cabeza de vaca has subtitles, I lent it to someone who did not give it back

I have smoke signals,

A man a called horse I would have to find

let me know...
I've seen:
"The New World"
"End of a Spear"
"Emerald Forest"
"Burry my Heart at Wounded Knee"
"La Otra Conquista"
"At Play in the Fields of th Lord"
Ok let's start off with Smoke Signal and then some one eles make a suggestion you have about a week and half to see smoke signal which puts us at Feb 18, 2009 Wednesday we will discuss it for a few days then some one do the honors of a movie choice.... Check Amazon .com for more movies to buy or Netflix to rent.... see ya at the movies....dont forget the popcorn....
"TUROK SON OF STONE" animated movie for mature because of language and violance.



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