Indigenous Caribbean Network

meeting #50 2-28-2009

Meeting Minutes (downloadable text file): 1%20Meeting%20minutes%202-28-2009.doc


Attachment #1 Behike Bo Report (downloadable text file): 2%20Minutes%20of%20Meeting%202-28-2009%20attachment%20%231%20Beike%20Bo%20Report.doc

Attachment #1a GREEN PARROT PRODUCTIONS (downloadable text): 3%20attachment%20%231a%20GREEN%20PARROT%20PRODUCTIONS.doc


Attachment #2 Indigenous Caribbean Network blog documenting Caney Circle celebration of Winter Solstice in Miami FLA (downloadable text file): 3%20%20Minutes%20of%20Meeting%202-28-2009%20attachment%20%232%20I.C.N.%20Blog%20%20dec%202008%20Winter%20Solstice%20in%20Pittsburgh%20and%20Miami.doc




La Bruja

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Angel Rodriguez Caguana archeoastronomy

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