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Hello everyone. I have decided to create a Memrise course on the Taíno language and am looking for any helpful tips on grammar and word order. All I found were a bunch of dictionaries but I am piecing together similarities between short phrases mentioned throughout. As a start I found that Taíno seems to have a strict verb ending such that most simple phrases have the verb at the end. For example, when I was taking apart phrases like "I am":

          "Taíno wakía-ka" --> Taino/good We-are

          "D'atu-ka" --> I ¿first? am.

And   "B'adian macoríx-ka" Your ¿language? ¿strange?-is

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Wait, so I read some of the old posts and I can add that there also seems to be some things that hint towards an adjective-noun order in their too.

Going through the dictionaries again some of the phrases include:

          "Nirihuna hi toka" --> The strangers are here or They-strangers here are

          "Nireno arihuna'atiyu" --> They are the children of strangers or They-children (from "rahu")-(human plural suffix)                                                       stranger-¿(ita)?

Oh my gosh, adian is similar to dian in Lokono Dian people's speech! Goodness, I'm such a noob. 



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