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Ancient Builders and Rock Artists in the Caribbean and Amazon

Functioning as an 'out-of-doors classroom' where locals & internationals (tourists-mostly of the eco-variety) can interact w/one another & the monuments/built constructs of Belize’s past -- this site is socially significant today as it was 3,000 years ago.  due in part to its longevity, its association with historic events, and its symbolism for descendants, indigenous and migrants, and its involvement in nation-building.

Beyond its physical and archaeological attributes, it uniquely represents diverse & contested histories of the Maya, Spanish, Chinese and British descendants in Belize and the broader Carribean basin.

​Lamanai pronounced Lama’an/ayin means “submerged crocodile.”

In the spedific instance of Belize, the structures found at Lamanai are some of the oldest in Belize. These temples were built in layers which suggest successive populations building upon the temples of their ancestors instead of destroying them.

Some of the most famous: Jaguar Temple, The Ball Court, The High Temple (El Castillo) and the Mask Temple. Yet only 5% of the 800 buildings within the Ay'in ha complex have been excavated or openly explored.

With autonomous operations in combination w/on-site surveys & targeted fieldwork using UAV-based NIR & multispectral LIDAR imaging, spatial photogrammetric mapping and magnetometry -- more of many site structures is being made non-intrusively available for research purposes.

LIDAR is Helping Trap Rainbows & Make Thunder Glow
Ancient Builders of the Amazon | Full Documentary | NOVA | PBS

The Creeks in Georgia are particularly attuned to this research in northern South American and Carribean research, as they show significant affiliation of genetic ancestry.

Many of the core traditions of the Creek people, such as Swift Creek style pottery, the brightly colored traditional clothing, turbans, the Stomp Dance and even the Sacred Black Drink (Yaupon Tea) have been traced to the indigenous peoples of the Andes Foothills and the headwaters of the Amazon River System.

As well, the fertile soil agricultural practices of terra preta (which does not naturally exist in the Amazon).

Another ancient architectural masterpiece symbolizes the beginnings of sacred, ceremonial (spatial atmospherics) related to the fascinating and mysterious influence of field energy  ~~  as it relates to felt infratones, sounds and light immersion.  More on infratones:  

Check out this 60 Minutes story and read my story about elephants here:
"Akin to the “sound” of an approaching storm or earthquake, the rumbles of elephants can be experienced by what some have described as a “weird feeling,” or unique chest pressure. Elephants use this seismic sense to chat about a range of subjects from water-hole etiquette to herd-parental tips.

Elephants detect vibrations in the ground in two distinct ways—only one of which actually involves the ear. Bone conduction works by transmitting sound waves from the ground through the feet, up the bone and ultimately into the inner ear. "

image - 2023-03-05T101042.438.png

Homo Musicus ~~The Touch of Sound: “Hearing” Hands & Archaeoaco...

For more on this topic, see:

Homo Musicus:  Cybernetically Embracing Visceral Sonic Engagement -...

A viscerally-felt infratone demonstration will be conducted at the WFAE 2023:

 World Forum for Acoustic Ecology Conference at ACA Main Campus, 1414 Art Center Avenue, New Smyrna Beach, FL
– March 22: Keynote Panel Discussion at Stetson University (FREE)
– March 25: Final Concert Performance at ACA Main Campus (FREE)
Conference’s closing night concert includes short works which will be presented outdoors. After a brief interval, guests will be invited to experience – seated or prone – a stunning black and white film and soundtrack for orchestra, electronics and choir by American composer Scott Ordway.

- Sonic Therapies for Toxic Relationships, Lisa A Schonberg
- Sonification/audification, percussion, electronics and voice
Impressioni In-Naturali, Federico Martusciello acousmatic
Windmills of Lapua, Nikki Sheth
-Soundscape~Glisten of Places for percussion & geotagged soundscapes, Jeremy Muller
-Matthew Burtner, electronics + solo instruments, fixed media; interactive; multimedia performance
Old – New – Cyber Smyrna, Gurkan Maruf Mihci
Chad M Eby (UK) multimedia performance
Homo Musicus: Cybernetically Embracing Visceral Sonic Engagement, R.Eady, KR Terrapeutics
The End of Rain, Scott Ordway multimedia performance

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