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From Cactus Fingerprints to the Aztec Formulation of “Cactus Blood”*

Cochineal, certainly inspired, as one of the most precious natural dyes -- as well as vibrant and bright -- it is also one of the most light- and heat-stable and oxidation-resistant of all the natural organic colorants and is even more stable than many synthetic food colors.

Scientists Are Making Cochineal, a Red Dye From Bugs, in the Lab | ...

Magenta manifests as an extra-spectral color, one to help us link extremes at the end of the rainbow -- unifying red and violet to metaphysically straddle the physical and virtual: multi-dimensionally evocative and literally startling for certain animals in the natural world.

Cochineal Red: How Bugs Created One of the World’s Most Expensive Colors (
A preparation to dye for.

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It's all in the prep!

A shade rooted in nature descending from the red family demonstrates an astounding potency and signal of strength.

The color of this exhibit (Magicicada) for instance highlights this wonderfully potent exposition on insects and color.

The magenta base is created from the color the insects use as a defense and camouflage.

With no specified wavelength for magenta, as an extra~spectral color -- the resulting perception is from the simultaneous enfolding of an "alpha & omega" processing of the two ends of the visually perceptual sensorium (red & violet).

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Photonic crystals & the ushering in of scientific understanding of shamanistic ritual.

This combination is also found momentarily within a male Peacock's train display.

From a supernormal stimuli experience, the peacock flash-train display evokes a visually based "Peak-shift Principle" because it generates a "magental-biofield".

This psycho-physio-sensorium phenomenon mimics what the visual areas of the brain have evolved to do and, yet more powerfully activates the same neural mechanisms originally activated w/startle reflex response. This is the main reason why tigers and peacocks can (literally) exist side by side in their mutual habitats.

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Snap, crackle, pop!
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Supernormal stimuli “hijack” our brain’s natural sensorioum process & particularly our reward and avoidance systems.

Color vision makes birds of prey successful hunters -- ScienceDaily

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In chameleons, a matrix (in multiple skin layers) of crystal-containing cell structures -- reflect light called photonic crystals. This is fine-tuned by emotional state as primarily a chameleon communication mechanism -- generated nanoarchitectures (also responsible for the colorful shimmer on butterfly wings and peacock feathers) is what chameleons adjust to control their crystals.
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That's a lot of lady bugs!

*Aztecs often infused a mordant of aluminum sulfate into a dye bath to bind the carminic acid to ritual and ceremonial textiles worn by their rulers as a symbol of wealth and status. Grinding dried carcasses of the female cochineal bugs into a very fine powder, during a textile dyeing process, different metallic compounds would then yield different "designator" shades.

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Comment by Randy Eady on March 1, 2023 at 3:44pm

Natural Illuminating Resonance—whatever its source—is enlivening and holopoietic, which is to say it promotes wholeness. It heightens the manifestation of wholeness and life.

Self-Light is the radiance being generated all the time by the incarnational process of our being—and becoming—a presence incarnate.

Out of felt sacredness the identity of self via light & living energy, the Soul is afforded a conduit of intentionality and love into the subtle field of the Earth. 

We are generating all kinds of subtle energies all the time. Our thoughts generate them, our feelings generate them, even our physical activity and well-being can generate them. But these subtle energies are conditioned by the thinking, the feeling, the activity that gives rise to them.

Engaging the subtle energies of the Earth, this current of energy, affords us a realm of sovereignty to galvanize and attract us to what is needed from the subtle substance of the world in order build a subtle body that allows it to participate in this Incarnate Realm. Blending these subtle energies of earthly light together w/our own Soul Light forms an alchemical union with harmonizing polarity.

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