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After everything that has been said and done since the late philosopher-poet Jose Arguelles first brought the date of December 21, 2012 to the attention of the world back in 1986, what we are left with is simply his original message: "TIME IS NOT MONEY, TIME IS ART".
No matter what other communications and speculations may have partially clouded that original message; Cataclysmic Armageddon, Planet X, The Rapture, etc. Arguelles' first assertion returns to its rightful place now as we approach, the third significant astronomical occurrence of this sacred year 2012. TIME IS ART. As the date of the VENUS TRANSIT June 5 2012 approaches, it is time to reassess how the ability of humans to express their most intimate innermost understandings of The Divine through music, dance, poetry, drawing, painting, sculpture, ceramics, photography, film and all ofthe other endeavors that we now classify as "media" becomes the very focus of the 2012 prophecy. When humans first learned to manipulate the elements of their environment and their bodies to produce symbolic, non-utilitarian expression, ART, roughly 26,000 years ago they began a journey of enlightenment that (as Arguelles accurately asserted) was disrupted about 5,200 years ago. The ability to control our Art was stolen from us then. With only one fifth of the way left to go around the millenial 26,000-year cycle the message was derailed and now we stand at the threshold of being able to re-rail it again. It is only through our ability to communicate through aesthetic symbolism, the ability to create MEDIA, that we as humans can again re-establish ourselves in our rightful place as a member species on this planet, with respect to the planet. And therefore it is fitting that this, the third significant astronomical phenomenon of the sacred year 2012, will be celebrated by us here in western Pennsylvania at a place of the ARTS. As we prepare for the Venus Transit celebration at the MESA CREATIVE ARTS CENTER I want to leave you with this meditation by Eden Sky, one of the foremost expounders of Jose Arguelles' philosophy: "Indeed, more than ever, it is the power of Art and Artists with Heart and Vision that are leading the way into the emerging new world...   That said, let us continue the work of redefining our understanding of "art." Let us expand our recognition that ultimately all of life can be a conscious, creative act... Together, we are in process of awakening to our opportunity to Beautify Planet Earth as a Living Work of Art... And we are especially empowered on this journey as we know that Time is Art!
As Jose Arguelles said: "A paradigm is not just an idea; it is an elemental realization that passes from the nervous system to the bloodstream and becomes living reality. Not the least of the emerging paradigm is that ART is in all of us; that each of us in all actuality is an artist; that Art is a verb without whose universal use there will be no peace on Earth..."
In Lak'ech - I am Another Yourself   Blessings of OmniPresent StarHeartFire,   Eden Skywalker
Please check out my four-part You tube video which lays out in detailed exactness the process via which humanity first acquired and then lost, and now stands at the verge of regaining the full power over the gift of ART. Click the links below to access the four video parts.
part 1
part 2
part 3
part 4
Many Blessings

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Comment by Miguel Sague Jr on June 13, 2012 at 4:57pm

Greetings Sud El

I thank you for posting your opinion in response to this blog.

The fact is that I  don't agree on the premise of your argument and actually have already gone around and around on this line of discussion before several times with others. I really have no intention to become involved in it again because it is a impossible to arrive at any kind of conclusion since the sources of information that are used to support the views you have expounded here do not in any way connect with any of the sources of information that I use to support my position. Since there is absolutly no common ground for discussion I am afraid that discussion is fruitless.

Suffice it to say that I find such arguments as "Olmec heads with flat broad noses and wooly hair" to be old, overused and invalid premises that have been refuted many times over by reliable scientific archeological methods and in my opinion only make sense to those hopelessly enfatuated with an Afrocentric view of reality in which no other opinion but an Afrocentric one will fit. To claim that Olmec civilization pre-dates Ice-Age hunter gatherere culture is ludicrous. Your dating of Olmec civilization  is impossibly inaccurate and makes absolutely no sense in the light of carbon dating or dating by provenance or depth of burial. It only makes sense if one  completely ignores all conventional and accepted methods of telling how old something is and is simply led by a desperate attempt to make all civilization be Sub-Sahara African-based.

You have made your point eloquently in your statement and you have my response. I hope this discussion has run its course at this point since, as I said before I have no intention of becoming involved in another one of these fruitless back-and-forth debates in which there is absolutely no common ground. Such a debate is hopeless.

With respect

Taino Ti



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Angel Rodriguez Caguana archeoastronomy

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