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PROPA Areito in Orlando

Such a great honor to have collaborated with my Kasike Roberto Mukaro Borrero, yesterday April 6  in the celebration of an areito in Orlando Florida. The event was a joint project of PROPA (PUERTO RICAN ORGANIZATION FOR THE PERFORMING ARTS) and UCTP, (the UNITED CONFEDERATION OF TAINO PEOPLE). Kasike Mukaro delivered an informative…


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n his narration RELACION ACERCA DE LAS ANTIGUEDADES DE LOS INDIOS, the Spanish monk Ramon Pane related that the…


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Solsticio Diciembre ... December Solstice Miami 2023

De nuevo tuve el honor de oficiar la ceremonia del Solsticio de Diciembre en la ciudad de Miami, Florida como en años pasados.

I again had the honor of conducting the December Solstice ceremony in Miami Florida as in years past…


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Ancestros Envueltos

Desde hace años, algunas personas han creído que las imágenes de figuras humanas envueltas como bultos como las que se muestran en estas fotos representan a niños envueltos en pañales. Muchos taínos actuales todavía llaman a estas imágenes "guaili" usando la palabra taína para "niño". Sin embargo, el antropólogo…


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Los dias 11 y 12 de Agosto 

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Celebracion taina en Buffalo------Taino celebration in Buffalo 7-15-2023

El dia 15 de Julio 2023 la organizacion boricua de Buffalo,New York llamada CENTRO PURTORRIQUE~O EL BATEY celebro su segundo encuentro taino anual en el parque PROSPECT PARK de esa ciudad. La organizadora principal de EL BATEY Beatriz Flores,  le extendio una invitacion muy cordial a nuestro Circulo Caney para participar en esta…


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Tradicion De Danza de Los Pueblos Arahuacos


En este blog quiero compartir con ustedes la investigación que he llevado a cabo sobre la antigua tradición de la danza que parece ser un elemento fundamental de la cultura arahuaca. Es una tradición que se hace evidente en un gran número de grupos arahuacos que habitan áreas de América del Sur continental, como Guyana y Surinam, así como en la reserva Kalinago en la isla caribeña de Dominica y entre los residentes mestizos de regiones rurales remotas…


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Taino Summer Solstice Ceremony At Taino Woods 2023

It was an honor for me to be given the opportunity to lead a Summer Solstice Ceremony in the tradition of the Caney indigenous Spiritual Circle at the Taino Woods nature sanctuary in upstate New York on the weekend of June 24 and 25 2023.…


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Beaded cotton belt

Beaded cotton cloth belt


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Time Of Rains

Takahi my relatives, as we approach the sacred point in the tropical year cycle when the rains ultimately intensify in the Caribbean. I would like to offer three presentations that explore various aspects of this weather phenomenon and its spiritual significance in Taino culture. 

 First I want to present the concepts surrounding Taino beliefs about rainy weather and dry weather. This duality plays a…


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Visit to Artist Robert Griffing's studio

This afternoon at 12:30 pm my friend Susan Goughler, a member of HARRISON HILLS PARK'S Council Of Friends stopped at my house and picked me up in her car. We headed north to the community of Gibsonia, PA. a Pittsburgh suburb with which I am well acquainted, it having briefly been the temporary home of my parents…


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A Case of Two stories

Here in Southwestern Pennsylvania there is a controversy. It is not clear to rational people why this controversy exists.

The controversy is about a children's book that I believe has been banned in other states but not here in southwestern Pennsylvania.

I will offer the essence of the controversy by presenting two videos. You may make up your own mind about the legitimacy…


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New exhibit in Natrona Heights

I have been spending time at the Harrison Hills Park in Natrona Heights, Pennsylvania, on the banks of our Allegheny River here in the region northeast of Pittsburgh.…


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Equinoccio en Pittsburgh 2023----------Equinox in Pittsburgh 2023

Nos reunimos el día Domingo 26 de Marzo en el centro Indigena de la ciudad de Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania para celebrar la ceremonia del Equinoccio…


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Celebramos el Equinoccio en New York --------We celebrated Equinox in New York

El Sabado 18 de Marzo tuve el honor de participar en la celebracion de la ceremonia de Equinoccio de Primavera del 2023 en New York con la communidad de Yukayeke Guainia y la Confederacion Unida del Puebio Taino lideriada por mi hermano espiritual Kasike Roberto Mukaro Borrero

----             ------       --------       --------   --------- …


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Taino Sprituality; A Cuban Perspective


Research paper published by Ivan Rodriguez of the University of Holgin, Cuba. Feb 2016 in the  JOURNAL OF RELIGIOUS HISTORY under the name  ANTILLEAN ISLANDER SPACE: On The Religious Beliefs Of The Taino People.  This content is available in PDF format by accessing this …


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New Research On Taino Sacred Caves

This LINK provides access to a special paper by researchers Reinaldo Morales Jr and Melisa A. Quesemberry in which they present evidence that demonstrates the importance of caves in Taino ancient spiritual tradition and the connection between caves and the concept of a cosmic maternal creation womb.…


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Die Geschichte von Taino Gesang an Mutter Erde TAINO TI OAKIA ATA

Meine Verwandten, viele von Ihnen erkennen dieses Lied als den großartigen Gesang an 

Atabey, unsere…

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Digging Sticks And Stone Hoops

Archaeologists excavating ancient Indigenous sites in the  Caribbean region have long wondered what was the meaning and purpose of the enigmatic "stone collars" that have been discovered at several places in the region. These are highly polished sculpted stone objects shaped like oval hoops.

The use of digging sticks for the cultivation of the…


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