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Today is Wednesday Oct 30 2013, the day before Halloween. The U.S. holiday that draws children and adults alike out into the streets and parties dressed in garish and sometimes comical disguises.

Many of my friends, especially female friends have opted to dress as "witches". Interestingly, the majority of the witch costumes that I have encountered this year have tended to be a great deal more sympathetic of the witch identity than I have seen in the past. Not even taking into consideration the fact that there are real witches, people who follow the wiccan spiritual tradition, and for whom some of these costumes are no laughing matter, I have noticed a growing prevalence in the contemporary mind for a more positive attitude toward the whole concept of the witch in general.

That said I would like to present a whole other caliber of witch. This incredibly talented rebel calls herself "LA BRUJA". which means "THE WITCH" in the Spanish language. This young woman is a native of New York City who proudly acknowledges her Indigenous Taino Boricua ancestry.

She is a rare kind of rapper. She weaves her poetic tapestry not as the commercialized, adulterated parody of the genre that seems so prevalent these days. Instead she cleaves to her convictions to send out a constructive, positive message to our culture-hungry youth. She is a true example of what I have been saying all along of the  World-Age Shift Era magicians, the artists that are revolutionizing Art and returning it to what it was meant to be when it first surfaced in the human experience 260 centuries ago. It was meant to be a spiritual experience and the artists were true sorcerers who worked their alchemy on the ancient Ice Age cave walls and around the ritual fire.

Please pull up a seat at the circle around the new 21st century  sacred fire and enjoy going into a magic trance as this beautiful bewitching soul paints her images on the new "cave walls"


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Comment by Joanna 'Aya' Soto-Avilés on November 1, 2013 at 3:46pm

Han Han Katu!  :)

Comment by Miguel Sague Jr on November 1, 2013 at 2:08pm

poeta curandera!

Comment by Joanna 'Aya' Soto-Avilés on October 30, 2013 at 6:39pm

Han Han Katu, Tiao!  Hahom, Behike, for sharing this wonderful video and for your insightful introduction. 

There can be no denying the powerful, and empowering, stage presence of this amazingly talented young woman.   With her pure, bewitching and loving fire along with all the things for "witch" she stands, "La Bruja" is sheer magic! 

Caridad, we thank you for sharing your amazing talent and magic with us and for never giving up on your dreams.  We are grateful to have a young woman like you representing your Indigenous Taino Boricua ancestry in such a positive and magical way, and we pray that you will continue to empower our youth, and everyone, with your example and your constructive, positive messages, songs and imagery.  As you know, there is a little "witch" in every woman but, Itou, you really take it to a whole other level!  Mujer, you rock!  And we just love you!  Keep up the good work!  :)


La Bruja

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